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  2. Coming off Suboxone after 2 years
  3. I'm back and this time is it!!!
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  7. 26yr old grad student addicted for 3 years
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  10. New member. My story.
  11. Please help...
  12. 60mg a day habit. Will that usage cause me to have awful detox?
  13. Need tapering schedule or advice
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  15. Bupe still in urine 16 days later... Is there something wrong with me?
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  18. Opiate and Benzo Home Detox - Day EIGHT!
  19. Butrans Patch Anyone?
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  22. Day 5 quitting subutex... Misery... Please help ease my mind
  23. Coming off subutex while pregnant
  24. husband abuses ambien while on methadone need some insight
  25. Not sure what to do about my husband. Please help!
  26. 18 years old and scared. Please help.
  27. Been on 32 mg of suboxene for 2 and half years decided to taper off, scared and feel
  28. Coming off 16mg of suboxone after 30 months, Day 9
  29. Hooked on pain killers for 2 yrs
  30. Tapering off 6 years on Subs and freaking out!
  31. Oxycodone - am I an addict?
  32. my wife and I are ready to quit abusing oxycodone
  33. question about stopping 8day suboxen habit
  34. Sub / Surgery & Pregancy
  35. Stopped Oxy (6months usage) coldturkey.. Need advice.
  36. Dont be afraid of Methadone Maintenence
  37. Three months off...Feeling about 75%
  38. Percocet Withdrawl Fears, Pls help!
  39. Question about zubsolv. Please help!
  40. Need advice using soboxone to come off methadone
  41. Oxycodone addiction, kicking... AGAIN
  42. Need advice on addiction while pregnant
  43. New Sub User
  44. Opioid WIthdrawal Timeline
  45. oxy addict neeeds help
  46. Help... my boyfriend is a pill addict...how do I cope in everyday life...we live toge
  47. Update on day 11 of Suboxone - advise
  48. Advice Support Anything
  49. Ready to end this battle
  50. Relapsed, About to Detox Again
  51. 2 week relapse. Will I have withdrawals?
  52. Cold Turkey from hydromorphone habit, support needed :(
  53. Withdrawals!
  54. Help with coming off xanax?
  55. Pain Killers and getting off of them.
  56. Any advice appreciated!
  57. Did I do the right thing ?
  58. need some advice please...METHADONE!
  59. Dronabinol (THC) & Oxycodone combination questions (got both from doctor)
  60. day 7 and feeling great.
  61. your not alone. x
  62. Subutex Induction Help
  63. methadone withdrawal day 5 help
  64. Seeking advice for specific situation, Going through WDs right now. Help please!
  65. Kicking a 1.5 year Oxy habit in the coming days with Suboxone and supplements.
  66. Codine Tapering
  67. Naltrexone -help/advice please
  68. Please give advice to a young college student
  69. Vicodin for chronic pain....addiction, guilt, & worry
  70. Suboxone taper help
  71. Loperamide (immodium) addiction and 7 months pregnant
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  78. Oxycontin hell in UK
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  80. Yes, I am an addict!
  81. Suboxone not working for pain? Suggestions, anyone?
  82. how can I manage staying off of benzodiazepines and opiates successfully
  83. Metehadone 90mg to Suboxone (Please Help)
  84. 8mg Suboxone Cold Turkey Jump Day 11
  85. Advice on coming off of pain pills
  86. Need advice
  87. Thomas recioe
  88. Quick taper off oxycodone
  89. Can't get MIL off klonopin
  90. SOS Cold Turkey >> SUB/METH Clinic
  91. Advice for giving up Percocet
  92. Coming off Percocet: advice please
  93. Coming off opiates for good!
  94. Quitting Norco 10/325 cold turkey
  95. Subutex withdrawals are killer.. want to stop help
  96. avoiding xanax addiction help
  97. Help PLEASE I am out of methadone until Thurs will I be OK till then?
  98. Is this withdrawals?? Please help!!!
  99. -methadone- tapering instead of stopping cold turkey. is there an actual difference?
  100. Roxy withdrawal not as bad as advertised?
  101. Help- husband addicted to oxy ir and has cancer
  102. My addiction
  103. 7 day Subutex detox from opiates. Will it work?
  104. Please help me get off pain pills
  105. Questions, about my withdrawal
  106. first post long time reader and opiate detox
  107. Codeine Addiction
  108. Sudden Subutex withdrwal
  109. Lower back pain from Tramadol withdrawal ?!
  110. Please help on very slow wean off Clonazepam
  111. Has anyone ever had a successful long-term relationship with oxycodone?
  112. Concerned with lack of serious withdrawls
  113. Tramadol dependency
  114. Need help dont trust doctors anymore with suboxone
  115. Need help!!!! Opiates ruining my life, ready to quit for good!!!
  116. Lost in oblivion
  117. Please please help with advice on how to get off Suboxone.
  118. Rapid Valium Withdrawal 25mg
  119. Hydrocodone/acetaminophen addict?
  120. Soboxane
  121. Oxycodone withdrawal over?
  122. Need help fast. Oxycodone withdrawals.
  123. Suboxone rescue doses.
  124. First time poster - Going through Oxy detox
  125. Oxycodone Withdrawal
  126. Have lupus and been on high doses of Oxy for years. Afraid the pain will be unbearab.
  127. Need advice about spouse
  128. Going to try to taper off Norco
  129. 50-60mg oxycodone daily, CT soon. Help and Support, please!
  130. Support and Accountability help needed for CT off oxycodone
  131. My husband 3 months into opiate recovery. Help??
  132. Percocet tapering
  133. How long to addiction hydrocodone?
  134. Good morning! 16 days clean and never looking back!
  135. Tramadol Cold Turkey
  136. Advice about starting subs for PST addiction
  137. Zubsolv Withdrawal
  138. Help taking 8 10 325 norco per day
  139. Have a Suboxone/Pain Med dilemma may have screwed myself insight please?
  140. Is Opiate tolerance permanent?
  141. Am I pickle? 30 days off Oxy
  142. Oxycodone is the devil's drug
  143. It's my 3 day withdrawing from subutex with no symptoms?
  144. In Hell from Suboxone
  145. New here, need support for opiate withdrawal
  146. Day 7, Take 2 Hydrocodone withdrawal
  147. GetMyLifeBackAgain's Journey
  148. Have I relapsed?
  149. pregablin
  150. Withdrawel ease?
  151. I want to stop taking OxyContin - I have chronic pain but want out!
  152. oxcodone wd, question/pain mgt
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  154. It's been 48 hours since my last dose...I feel like a train hit me.
  155. Quitting oxycodone for a 300-400mg daily user
  156. Questions about Suboxone induction
  157. Suboxone withdrawal Daily Diary - need support!
  158. I can see the Trees
  159. trying to get my life back free from prescription pain day 1
  160. I want to get clean made appointment with Meth Clinic not sure what to do!
  161. My experience giving birth while on subutex
  162. Just got free of oxycodone
  163. My experience of when I took suboxone for the 1st time
  164. Norco detox
  165. Day-1 on suboxone taper
  166. Gabapentin Taper?
  167. About to switch to Suboxone and scared
  168. stopping oxy addiction
  169. Life long after suboxone
  170. I need help .. I want off Suboxone!
  171. Need game plan for kicking an oxy addition - please help
  172. i keep relapsing. help
  173. Hydrocodone Withdrawals...how did I get here??? Help would be appreciated!
  174. I'm addicted and need to quit
  175. Physeptone/Meth hell
  176. Quitting Suboxone, Give me the Strength
  177. its time to quit..."subs"
  178. Subutex Withdrawl
  179. Getting off Zyrtec, living hell
  180. My boyfriend is relapsing & in denial
  181. Coming off of roughly 10mg Methadone ct. NEED SUPPORT!
  182. Getting off Tramadol in 5,4,3,2, oh god!
  183. Tramadol addiction
  184. 6:30 am on my fifth day clean...
  185. Need Advice Please Help
  186. Detoxing tomorrow
  187. Getting off opiates with kaiser so cal
  188. Question about Lorazepam (Ativan) 2mg
  189. Please need advice... Subutex wean , insomnia and Vicodin
  190. How do I tell my deceased boyfriend's family that he died from drug overdose
  191. Help addiction to codeine tablets
  192. Getting off Norco 10/325 5-6 pills per day NEED ADVICE
  193. Percocet Taper
  194. Suboxone Once Helped Me, Now It's Hurting Me
  195. Suboxone and Valium
  196. Gabapentin question
  197. plzz god help me
  198. Day 8 withdrawal from Lortab.
  199. Starting subox for oxy
  200. Quit Tramadol. When can i take it again?
  201. Starting Norco taper
  202. FInally Stopping Norco... Need Support
  203. Getting ready for percocet detox at home /it's fun till it's not fun anymore
  204. Do you think I can stay sober if I don't want to?
  205. 18 days no vicodin
  206. Codeine addiction recovery question
  207. 72 hours Percocet since last pill
  208. Withdrawing from hydrocodone/trying to quit and scared
  209. I want to stop taking methadone but I'm SCARED!
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  211. Tramadol withdrawal Day 2
  212. Does Gabapentin help with oxycodone withdraws
  213. Tapering off of Lorazepam
  214. Quitting Suboxone and need help!!!!!!
  215. Hydrocodone withdrawl and depression
  216. I've Been Through the Worst.. But I'll Always Give My Best
  217. relapse
  218. Tapering Oxycodone
  219. Quitting and terrified to death
  220. help with sub tapper
  221. GOING COLD TURKEY...need support
  222. Suboxone taper questions
  223. Needing help & support with starting Suboxone taper. I'm terrified of withdrawal..
  224. Life before and after hydrocodone
  225. hey guys. methadone user for 11 years. va cut me off.need help
  226. Questions about my Suboxone withdrawl
  227. Trying this again..
  228. Gabapentin for opiate detox~ questions on how to use.
  229. Clozapine and amitriptyline my story
  230. Detox in full force, need help
  231. ambien withdrawal been on for 7 years 20mg last 3 years
  232. Coming off benzos and opiates
  233. Is there happiness after opiate addiction?
  234. Am I an Enigma, or Am I Fooling Myself? - Advice?
  235. 5 Year Norco Addiction - Just Begun Detox Taper
  236. Unsure What To expect With tapering skip days
  237. Methadon/Suboxone jump day 14>>>
  238. Day 25 suboxone withdrawal CT - success!
  239. Husband of 22 years is an addict, not sure what to do next
  240. sick of loratabs
  241. Please help with methadone withdrawal strange (?) symptom
  242. Girlfriend uses Oxycodone
  243. Dr gave me a cocktail of drugs for opiate withdrawal. Experiences please
  244. My story of successfully conquering Lexapro & benzos
  245. clinic is fee detoxing me (Rapid detox)
  246. Day 10 Off Opiates.........
  247. methadone drop off 6 mg and how long will the rls and anxiety last?
  248. Boyfriend addicted to percocets- bipolar and temperamental when using
  249. tramadol addict getting clean
  250. Tapering of Methadone down to 10ml please help!