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  13. Hello, I just joined today, day 5 without Suboxone
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  21. Need help. anyone? Pls...
  22. Need Advice from Robfor best way to taper Pls
  23. Ambien is evil, and I kicked it. CLEAN SLEEP RULES
  24. Suboxone Abuse
  25. Coming off methadone
  26. Vistiral ok to take during WDs?
  27. update on sjan17...robert_325 pls advise & anyone else
  28. Partner using Percocet again. Not sure if minor set back or not.
  29. Dilaudid and/or Methadone withdrawals--pls help
  30. Norco/Buprenorphine WD's
  31. Robert need advice PLEASE
  32. Vicodin WD Questions. Please take a look!
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  34. went through rapid detox tuesday. any q's
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  36. ROBERT 235 need your help with Suboxone
  37. Knee surgery with out opiates possible????
  38. Robert I want to do this right
  39. My tramadol experience
  40. I fell off the wagon badly..need some advice
  41. Day 6 Taper
  42. Surprised by W/D from Hydrocodone
  43. Married to an Addict
  44. My Oxycodone story
  45. 31 Days of FREEDOM!
  46. approaching husband tonight about addiction
  47. Help! I took Tramadol during my Vicodin withdrawal!
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  49. Izzn...how are you today?
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  51. I just hate myself...
  52. 50hrs am I past the worst?
  53. Robert_325 Ques/Advice about Suboxone/Other Meds. Im taking
  54. Please help... Need support
  55. Ran out of suboxone and really messed up
  56. Long term effects of Tramadol
  57. Methadone taper plan?
  58. Day 2 opiate withdraw
  59. L-Tyrosine or DLPA
  60. how long till you're addicted to methadone?
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  62. Living in my own hell.
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  65. How many Xanax is to much ... ?
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  70. Codeine
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  73. I'm so tired of this nightmare!
  74. This is it, you may not believe me but no choice....
  75. Willl methadone get me through >>>>>> withdrawl or will it just delay the withdrawl??
  76. Is suboxone the right choice? Please help!
  77. t3s and suboxone
  78. energy after a detox?
  79. methadone to suboxone
  80. How will I ever get through the endless days of gloom and doom...and obsession
  81. Question about Promethazine/codeine.
  82. Oxy 2 Long
  83. Hydrocodone is killing my marriage
  84. Day 4 of Opiate Withdrawal
  85. Ultra Rapid Detox Overseas
  86. Percocet overdose.
  87. Day 6 off opiates, day 2 off suboxone, not sure of myself
  88. Trying HARD to wean off tramadol...not going to well
  89. Looking for Methadone Detox!!
  90. how much vicodin can a doctor prescribe before its seen as too much?
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  92. Need tips for starting suboxone
  93. Pregnant and addicted... please help
  94. Brother Is Addicted to Pills and In Need of Help