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  1. 70 Day Norco Taper - My Journal
  2. ativan use and withdrawal please help
  3. 2 weeks on Ativan / Lorazepam 2mg daily - do I need to taper?
  4. Generic Subutex >>. buprenorphine/naloxone formulation from the DEA perspective
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  7. Subutex withdrawal day 6, jumped off 8ml and the on the whole it’s not that bad
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  9. Day 1
  10. Help with cyclizine
  11. new here; almost done tapering from percoset; not doing great
  12. What's detox like in a detox center? 30 day inpatient?
  13. Coming off Kratom
  14. Struggling to get sober considering Subs
  15. Trying Suboxone for the first time
  16. Do any Supplements help? DLPA?
  17. Noob here. How are y'all tapering by 25%?
  18. Here to help after addiction
  19. Chronic Pain After Addiction
  20. Going in For Surgery
  21. Fioricet with Codeine Withdrawals and Anxiety HELP!
  22. I'm having the worse time I'm so sick
  23. Never have I felt this bad in my life
  24. Sub taper,
  25. Anyone else that cant sleep?
  26. How much longer?
  27. Day 2 - No Suboxone!
  28. Buprenorphine Withdrawal is Surmountable
  29. Codeine Addiction: HELP
  30. Help starting suboxone taper
  31. Percocet Withdrawal - What to expect
  32. Need help with Suboxone induction and tapering schedule!
  33. Dihydrocodine to subutex. Help and advise please
  34. 100mg methadone cold turkey to precipitated withdrawel death ride
  35. Methadone cold turkey
  36. My suboxone withdrawal...once again!
  37. Trying to help
  38. Tapered down to 50mg Codeine/ Advice Appreciated
  39. Oxycodone Withdrawl Day 4!
  40. Methadone to Suboxone after precipitated withdrawal how long?
  41. Readtytobefree
  42. Switching from oxy to subs
  43. Trying to get off percs and ativan
  44. Want to change my life but scared to withdraw. Please help
  45. Suboxone W/D
  46. Suboxone >>. Subutex? help
  47. Cold turkey subutex withdrawal diary
  48. Subzolv For Chronic Pain?
  49. ONE day at a time???
  50. My first day of my new life!!!
  51. Wanting to stop benzo
  52. Ativan Withdrawals?
  53. 24 Years Old w/ 7 years of Substance Abuse - Story and Help!!!
  54. Having a horrible time was a pain patient for 13 year's
  55. Taking Control Back-a Teacher’s Story
  56. Planning a very slow taper
  57. 17yrs on Hydrocodone: OVER
  58. LOWEST mg of subs pregnant woman has been on and baby was born w/ NAS
  59. Hydrocodone withdrawal
  60. Help me get off my meds
  61. Need help please help!!!
  62. Suboxone/Zubsolv taper and need help!
  63. Very worried, need to get a handle on this- baclofen problem
  64. Norco Taper HELP!
  65. Tapering Suboxone SLOWLY- what to expect?
  66. 100mg methadone cold turkey today
  67. Watching my husband taper off Percocets. I’m clueless and need help.
  68. Ahh Day 9 off Subs AGAIN
  69. Jumping Off - Can't Handle Taper Any Longer
  70. Tapering Off
  71. MY STORY... and it’s still going,
  72. In Pain Management For A Decade, 6 Weeks Into Voluntary Taper - Need Support
  73. Suboxone - want off
  74. Suboxone Jump - I'm Taking My Life Back
  75. 3rd Attempt at kicking Codiene
  76. Day 5 coming to an end
  77. Pregnant on Subutex
  78. 96hours into withdrawal
  79. I'm struggling
  80. lrycra gabapantine
  81. 72hours off opiates
  82. A letter from your disease
  83. 18 years on Vicodin...
  84. Ready to Start Hope to Finish like Randy35
  85. is xanax addictive?
  86. 8 years of Tramadol addiction, blessing and a curse
  87. Worried about taking suboxone too early
  88. 60 hours opiate free, not sure I can do this!
  89. My story
  90. Antcholinergic rebound
  91. Need as much advice as I can get!!!!!
  92. Am I going though oxycodone withdrawal?
  93. 72 days clean from Opiates bad anxiety
  94. Getting off adderall, Vicodin, and Kratom - help please!
  95. Well today is the day
  96. Teacher’s Story
  97. Hydrocodone help needed
  98. Jumping after 7 years
  99. 4 weeks ativan use and withdrawal
  100. 1 month? on Suboxone
  101. Day 16 of off Norco
  102. Just started my oxy battle
  103. Going off Oxycodone
  104. Clinical Oxycodone treatment / REHAB
  105. Fentanyl withdrawal to Belbuca
  106. Very Happy to find this forum.
  107. Ativan use and anxiety
  108. Quitting 2 1/2 year opiate/kratom addiction cold turkey starting tomorrow 10/15/17
  109. The struggle to quit opiates
  110. Short opiate detox with suboxone (3 weeks)
  111. Anyone heard of Viberzi?
  112. Need help finding the motivation to quit, I feel I've lost a lot of will.
  113. Codeine withdrawel help and advice
  114. 300 mg Roxy 30 taper
  115. Tapering off norco
  116. 7 days cold turkey from 4 years of methadone and no withdrawals?
  117. Switching from 15mg of methadone to suboxone, would really appreciate tips.
  118. Day 11 of no suboxone. Looking for info.
  119. Tapering
  120. Day 4 off tramadol and co codamol
  121. My Drug Cocktail: Fentinyl, Vicodin, Gaba, Tizanidine, Hydroxyzine. Ketamine
  122. Hydrocodone Withdrawal-Insomnia And Burning Hot Skin
  123. I hope I can do this!!
  124. Muscle and weight loss from a 3 year pain killer addiction
  125. Switching from Fentanyl to Suboxone (New user, need advice)
  126. Help with opiate/subs PLEASE
  127. Quitting Methadone at 5mg.
  128. Relapse After 3 weeks
  129. Help!!
  130. Cant take it
  131. Amazingly simple cure for my restless legs
  132. In need of advice on Diazepam
  133. 4mg methadone withdrawal
  134. 3 months on Vicodin What to expect?
  135. Those who made it past a year off Methadone
  136. Restless Legs and Insomnia
  137. Is it possible to become addicted to Benzos almost immediately?
  138. Maybe someone can explain what is happening currently with my withdrawals.
  139. Day 7 of being Lortab free
  140. Need advice on methadone 70mg taper please!!!
  141. Day 2 of Lortab withdrawels, have to get back to me
  142. Suboxone success quitting 9 years
  143. Panadeine taper
  144. Buprenorphine withdrawal
  145. My story
  146. Tramadol
  147. Relapse :(
  148. Is anyone there?? Please help! Advice/support needed!0
  149. Energy.. what's that!?!?
  150. My 1st week tapering off of Tramadol
  151. Hydrocodone DT
  152. Have no clue whats going on
  153. Taper starts tomorrow...I need support
  154. Codeine Addiction - Day 2 of CT
  155. Quit cold turkey and struggled. Day 11 now!
  156. withdrawal from norco and back surgery
  157. 24 hours in
  158. Kratom - in need of well thought advice
  159. The evening of day 2 off 30mgs a day
  160. question about suboxone withdrawal
  161. Only 20 hours in and ready to die
  162. Switched to Suboxone from Methadone
  163. How do you stay opioid free for good??
  164. Need advice
  165. Never say Never. A life without pain killers is truly possible
  166. opiate free 72 hours.. help
  167. No Longer in DENIAL!...
  168. Please help im addicted to codiene prospate
  169. Suboxen, Relapse and Denial
  170. Trying To Quit Methadone Cold Turkey
  171. Started suboxone today,need advice
  172. Off Vicodin - Day 1
  173. I'm so scared. How do I get through these opiate withdrawals?
  174. Making big plans
  175. I'm a new member
  176. Don't give up
  177. Norco advice
  178. Percocet oxycodone opioid withdrawal
  179. 150-200mg oxycodone c/t
  180. Ativan withdraw worries how to stop this drug
  181. I'm scared, will I wake up, Suboxone & Klonipin
  182. Need help
  183. Done Tapering Off Hydromorphone
  184. Energy
  185. Day 3 of CT. Will I ever feel happiness again?
  186. Started sub induction and still feeling bad. Plz help
  187. Currently in hospital awaiting back surgery. Need advice!
  188. tapering off percocet
  189. New here
  190. Kratom has been a savior!
  191. Any advice appreciated
  192. Need some input
  193. Methadone Detox
  194. Finally Started Subutex but need help quickly...
  195. Oxycodone Cold Turkey Detox
  196. Help mr
  197. Needing some motivation
  198. Help! Need to get off vicodin and induct subs quickly, I want off!!
  199. Belbuca questions/help
  200. Tramadol 300mg daily
  201. Fentanyl w/d
  202. Please help me with some advice with codeine taper/withdrawal
  203. Motivation
  204. Question about Subutex withdrawals
  205. Imodium for opiate withdrawals
  206. Question about withdraw & symptoms
  207. Suboxone Taper
  208. Day 4 without Dihydracodeine and feeling so much better
  209. Please Help! Worried what may happen since having repeated early refills ?
  210. Suboxone and high blood sugar
  211. Suboxone..A cure? A nightmare?
  212. I BEAT IT!!!!!! Long time user......would love to share my Suboxone experience...
  213. Prozac and oxycodone
  214. Vicodin Use
  215. Long term addiction, tramadol and codiene
  216. Day 4 of tapering off Oxycontin
  217. So tired of being trapped. Ready to commit.
  218. About a year and a half need to quit NOW ended up with cdiff from oxy I could die
  219. Helping my brother through detox/withdrawals
  220. Codeine addiction, any help please?
  221. Xanax withdrawals
  222. Alcohol with oxycontin
  223. Day 14 oxycodone free.
  224. Need help?
  225. Pregnant and need of Suboxone fast please help
  226. Helping wife off Opiates
  227. Oxy-Withdrawel-Attempt : My Daily Log
  228. Hydrocodone withdrawal
  229. Missing a suboxone/zubsolv dose
  230. Seeking help from Robert 325, or anyone with experience.
  231. Norco 10/325 to Oxy 30mg abuse
  232. Methadone withdrawal
  233. Advice please
  234. No time like the present! My rapid detox off opiates using suboxone short term.
  235. Suboxone Withdrawal Diary
  236. question about subs
  237. Day 1 opiate withdrawal need help
  238. Day11 Sub Taper Need Support!!!
  239. Trying to wean off oxycodone.
  240. Ready to Quit
  241. Will 5mg adderall be out of system of 4th day?
  242. Been on Suboxone/benzos for 10+ years n need advice on how to quit safe
  243. Gabapentin withdrawls
  244. Starting Day 9 clean
  245. Day 14 of Subutex (Buprenorphine) detox. Help..
  246. Suboxone and tonsil removal
  247. Suboxone Taper
  248. To anyone who has successfully tapered
  249. New here - need support with methadone taper
  250. Tapering and needing much deeper help