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  1. Trouble Stabilizing
  2. Officially 3 days, 12 hours.....SUB FREE
  3. Suboxone Night Terrors And Tapering.....
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  5. Need educated advice regarding suboxone "reset"
  6. Citalopram & Ativan during Subox withdrawals?
  7. suboxone clonazepam
  8. Doin' the math...
  9. Sorry I havent' been around all weekend everyone!!!
  10. suboxone withdrawal
  11. Drop to .325???? from .5mg
  12. Start tomoto and nervous
  13. hi robert 325
  14. Suboxone Film, I feel like im dying. My DR isnt listening to me.
  15. Sweating like never before...
  16. .5 mg once a day or split dose?
  17. finally quit subs after 2 years
  18. Need Robert's Help!
  19. suboxone makes me feel bad
  20. Robert_325 Please? Taper ok?
  21. SJAN and SUBOXOWNED: How are you making out??
  22. Clonodine and Sub Withdrawals.
  23. Advice needed! Suboxone detox/withdrawal
  24. Suboxone: Insurance concerns
  25. Need Help Robert!
  26. Help Robert!
  27. I can't handle this anymore! ugh
  28. Drinking on Suboxone
  29. Here I lay
  30. First time poster
  31. Can I use tramadol to help my suboxone withdrawal? PLEASE HELP?
  32. Avatar?
  33. Last dose at 4pm yesterday of .5 mg....None yet today, I might jump
  34. Robert 325... Will you please help me get off Suboxone appropriately?
  35. New Here!
  36. Robert_325 Questions!
  37. Once a day or twice a day?
  38. Taper Journal: Day 1 of 1mg.....
  39. What exactly do I need to request from pain Dr.
  40. Need help Robert_325
  41. I feel like I'm ready!!!!!!!!!!! What does everyone suggest?
  42. 24mg Methadone to suboxone
  43. Day 4 of 2MG... Anyone currently tapering??? Get on board with me
  44. Taper check in ......good but need help with anxiety!!!!
  45. Hi Everyone...!!
  46. Day 2 of 2mg...
  47. Suboxone 4 pain???
  48. About suboxone need help important question
  49. Day 1 of 3 mg..ROBERT 325 can you guide me please!!!!
  50. Tapering at 4 mg/day...questions
  51. Suboxone Side effects??
  52. Sub Jump From Very Low Dose
  53. Withdrawls BAD!
  54. Here is my story after being over 3 years on lots percoset
  55. 2 weeks without suboxone!!!
  56. robert or denny please help!
  57. What did I get myself into???
  58. Losing My Life Over Subutex
  59. Ran out of suboxone need help!
  60. I'm Feeling My Jump off suboxone soon!! Need a bit of guidence..
  61. Question
  62. Ugh...This has never happened...
  63. One month in
  64. using subs only for detox
  65. 2mg taper and wisdom teeth info
  66. Suboxen dosage
  67. Hi, questions about subutex withdrawl
  68. Pretty scared, waiting for withdrawals. New to Subutex
  69. suboxone wd ?
  70. Subutex - conflicting messages from doc
  71. Hello Everyone! Its been a long time!
  72. My Story
  73. Antidepressants and sub taper
  74. My "Dark Passenger" has been handcuffed.
  75. Almost off
  76. Anyone from Illinois I need help!!!
  77. from metadone to suboxzone
  78. Help! suboxone and dilaudid trouble
  79. no more oxy addiction...now its suboxone
  80. Day 7 of suboxone...please help!!
  81. My Ibogaine experience to get off Subutex
  82. Hyland Restful Legs
  83. Tapering off suboxone (bi-polar)
  84. Need help in getting off subs
  85. Looking to stop this horrible habit,looking for roberts help maybe
  86. Tapering off of low dose Subutex, but (semi-long) usage
  87. A positive "getting off Suboxone" experience
  88. Firefighter needs help with subs.
  89. Please Dear God Help me
  90. Sun therapy begins wednesday
  91. Tuesday will be last dose of Suboxone
  92. Help weening off 4mg sub
  93. Suboxone - Does this make sense?
  94. How to measure out suboxone dose??
  95. I want to know some of your story-perhaps to help me understand more..
  96. The Worst is Yet to Come
  97. Suboxone/subutex therapy Doctors
  98. Subutex back to Methadone?
  99. Need Help with Sub.PLan-addicted to Hydrocodone
  100. Need help with a sub plan, please help.
  101. Denny - want to connect with you
  102. Free's Subutex Taper Diary....Robert Please Help!!!
  103. Subutex? Think it out first. Really... Please.
  104. Denny?
  105. New plan - need input
  106. Helping husband taper off suboxone
  107. Why is my doc so misinformed?
  108. very concerned...looking for advice
  109. problems taking suboxone-doc unsure what to do
  110. first few days on suboxone-need advise
  111. Question about how many Sub films I have left...
  112. Nightmares whilst tapering from the Sub???????
  113. Robert 325 please respond
  114. I'm a little confused
  115. Scared to Death
  116. Hello peeps this is my bio
  117. Utterly confused, re my Sub taper from very long Methadone mmt program
  118. My diary: Weaning off Suboxone...
  119. Suboxone or not?
  120. Looking for taper advice from Robert
  121. I'm afraid, tapering off Suboxone.
  122. Need help regarding Subutex (NOT Suboxone)
  123. ROBERT 325! Need your help!!!
  124. Suboxone success! Long term w/d's?
  125. Vicodin for Sub Withdrawl
  126. feel suboxone is too weak for methadone!
  127. Subutex Jump - How Many Days Do You Need Off Work?
  128. done with the subs
  129. Pleeease heeelp me get off these subs!
  130. I've Really messed up my Induction!!
  131. off suboxone for 18 days but..........
  132. Suboxone/Subutex Half-Life...A Long Road
  133. Valium alternative 4 sub detox
  134. Suboxone Withdrawals..??
  135. I am in need of advice, Robert_325
  136. Maximus Sub Diary
  137. Suboxone dropout-help PLEASE
  138. Robert 325 or anyone that can help me taper off suboxone PLEASE
  139. Suboxone/Subutex ... show positive on drug test?
  140. Suboxone Causing Sex Problems And Constipation, Help!
  141. Suboxone wean/ Kratom??
  142. Suboxone side effects - HELP!