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.25 Klonopin
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    Default .25 Klonopin

    Hi Everyone. I was prescribed 5mg of Lexapro for anxiety ocd and moderate depression. The pdoc also gave me .25 of klonopin for the anxiety induced from the lexapro side effects.

    I started taking the klonopin .25mg on Monday. So four days now. I am afraid I will be addicted to klonopin. Will .25 mg for four days be enought to make me addicted?

    Thank you

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    You should be fine at only four days. But be very careful with the klonipin.

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    In my opinion, and my opinion comes from being on benzodiazepines especially klonopin and ativan, half my life, is to please STOP taking the klonopin now.

    Its not worth it and once youre physically addicted the withdrawals can kill you (through siezures). Ive withdrawn from pain killers and suboxone and those were walks in the park compared to when I tried to get off benzos.
    I dont have links to the sources, but many studies say benzos lose their efficacy within months or rarely a couple years. They are shown to decrease brain size and weight over time, as well as cognitive ability.
    Please get off them asap with your Doctor's approval!
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