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.5mg Clonozepam taper help.
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    Default .5mg Clonozepam taper help.

    Hi! I recently decided to turn my life around and get off all drugs (I'm 5 days sober from daily marijuana usage for over 5 years, because it's started giving me panic attacks and minor hallucinations.) I'm sick of using a bevy of drugs to deal with my problems.

    Anyways, I'm meeting with my doctor this Friday to discuss a taper plan to get off Klonopin, which I've been using for maybe 3 or 4 months, 0.5mg daily. I was wondering if anyone has had an experience similar to this dosage/time of use and getting off of it, and how bad the anxiety pains would be. A long time ago I used three 0.5mg pills a day for a month and had no problems getting off of it at all.

    What would be a good taper plan I can talk to my doctor about? What can I expect in terms of pain? I purposefully took more than intended and couldn't get a refill, so I was forced to go cold turkey for about 8 days, I was in a mall 2 days ago and pretty much broke down and couldn't stop shaking, it was pretty painful...

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    Before I was prescribed Xanax by a psych doc. I was prescribed .5mg of kpin by a neuro. When I stopped taking it I just remember some mild anxiety nothing serious. Xanax is a whole other ball game. It's like cocaine cause it wears off so fast. Before I knew it I was taking 8mg a day and went cold turkey and had a seizure. Took a couple more seizures for me to learn my lesson and I never run out or take more than directed. Reason I'm mentioning the Xanax is so you don't go down that road if you get off the kpins and relapse. I was on kpin for 2 months btw. Im 5'8 weighed 165 at the time.... Everyone is different I didn't need to taper off that dose. Oh yeah had slight insomie too and the neuro gave me two weeks of ambien to fix my sleep schedule.

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