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Ativan Withdrawal
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    Unhappy Ativan Withdrawal

    I feel like the biggest idiot ever.

    My old psychiatrist put me on 3mg of Ativan a day for my PTSD because I was in a constant state of panic. I tapered myself down to 2mg per day because the addiction potential scared me and I am also breastfeeding (she said it was safe while breastfeeding because not a lot transfers to the breastmilk)

    Anyways, she didnt want me to come off it even though I had been on it about 4 months? I think we are at month 5 or 6 now and I have been down to 2mg for 2 months.

    Last appointment she said she no longer accepts my insurance and wrote me a script for 2 months and basically said good luck, hope you find another doctor soon.

    I've been trying to cut to 1.5mg per day but it's not working. I can go about 2 days before I get really nauseous with migraine and a fever + shaky. It is just not happening. if I take .5 mg the symptoms go down a lot within an hour.

    I dont know what to do, I'm trying to find another doctor that accepts my insurance with minimal success. no one can get me in until mid may and I will be out of my script about 2 weeks by then. To complicate matters further I have been on meds in the past for a seizure disorder but I have been seizure free for a little over a year and am off the keppra.

    I've been calling pretty much everyone on the list my insurance sent me to try and get an appointment to get put back on the Keppra as well as getting help with my taper but it is going horrible. I was told to just taper off in 4 weeks from 2-1.5-1-0.5 and I can't do it, maybe it is too fast of a taper? I'm also extremely worried that my toddler will experience withdrawals. I tried to make sure to nurse when it was not at peak levels only but I am having a hard time finding information on this as well.
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    I did originally talk to the pediatrician when I started the medications. I think my anxiety is going nuts now and I'm worrying about every worst-case scenario

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    Okay, you've been off the Keppra but Ativan itself can prevent seizures even though it was given to you by a psychiatrist for unrelated issues of PTSD. Therefore I would be concerned about a return of seizures if you stop the Ativan or taper it too quickly. Do you have a primary care physician? That person should be the one to coordinate your care and should be aware that the Ativan might be controlling your seizure disorder as a side benefit, and should follow you carefully as you taper off the Ativan. Whichever doctor had you on Keppra might be the one to involve. If you can't find anyone who takes your insurance try asking if you can pay cash for one appointment. Your concern is that you don't want a fast benzo taper to trigger your seizures again.

    Having said all that, try not to worry. Yes they put you in a bind, but anxiety and fear is all part of the tapering down from a benzo, very common to feel much worse anxiety than is warranted, so try not to panic. Things are not as bad as they feel at the moment. Yes, while tapering off Ativan I too imagined every worst case scenario. Nothing but doom around every corner. This is very normal for benzo withdrawal. Try to keep your cool. You'll get through this eventually somehow.

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