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Clonazepam help
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    Default Clonazepam help

    Bad English now because of past stroke please forgive. Ok because of FDA and DEA the VA is taking everyone off cloze if they take pain Meds I spent a month in hosp trying to come off 4mg a night for 20 yrs then lowering at home I got down to.25mg but having problems at that low of a dosage don't know why been coming down at that rate but is last quarter feels like when they dipped me 2mg in the beginning it's horrible again should it be so bad don't want to end up in hosp again any help or advice

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    It's pretty normal to have the same problems trying to go from a tiny dose to zero that you had dropping by bigger amounts earlier. If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone. The key is to continue to drop by small amounts but at only .25 mg per day it can be difficult to cut into smaller and smaller doses.

    If you have 1mg pills, see if you can switch to .5 mg pills and continue to decrease your dose gradually but cutting into smaller and smaller pieces. When it gets too small to cut cleanly, you can always mush it up and divide into small piles of powder for tiny doses. Or you can dissolve it in water and measure out the liquid.

    It is very common for people toward the end of tapering off a long time use of benzos to have to do this, and it remains difficult through the end but after you have been off for a few months you will likely feel much better and have less anxiety in general.

    If you have been taking it every night for 20 years then it is not surprising you are having a hard time getting to zero. This is to be expected. Since you've been on so long, it is best if you take a long time to taper off, and do so very gradually, even at these small final doses. You will have the fewest symptoms if you remove only a small portion of the dose, keep it there for several days or a week, then remove more, stabilize a while, then drop again, and so on. Each drop may need to be smaller and smaller and at the end you might be taking only a crumb but it may be the most comfortable way to do it.

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