I've been taking ethyl loflazepate 2 mg (some times 4mg) for 20 moths. Its a benzo derivate doctor said its weaker and less adittive than others. I start taking everyday for couple weeks, then reduce for every other day other couple weeks and then stop it like for 3 months... Then i back to take as nedded like 3 or 4 times a month... But since last december of 2017 i start taking more again.. Start taking every other day and often 4mg at once.. It was like that for 3 months and then i reduce... Now Im taking 2mg one day, stop 3 days and take other 2mg on the 4th day... A month ago i was full 7 days without taking with no major issues but now since i read that i could be in risk of withdrwall my anxiety is already up but im not taking more... In the middle of all of this i did small experiences with stronger benzos (xanax, klonopin and valium but didnt took more than 3 pills of each) always come back to ethyl loflazepate... Im in much risk of withdrawal symptoms? How much is that risk? What about PAWS? Im scared... How i tapper if im taking like this? is a long life benzo (longer than valium) but is for sure weaker because ive tried all the other ones and felt stronger.. thank you very much!