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finishing a subs taper and attacking xanax next
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    Default finishing a subs taper and attacking xanax next

    So a quick catch up on my story as not many know me on here ..I had a almost 2 yr 150mg per day percocet/oxycodone addiction and for the last past year of it i have been taking .75mgs of xanax per day never raising them maybe taking 1 full mg a few times which i understand isnt a very high dose compared to many here ..
    anyway about 2 weeks ago i decided to get off the opiates and i was able to pick up some subs and started off at 6mgs and have been tapering myself down staying close to roberts method at reducing by 25% but instead of reducing every 4 days i have been reducing every 3 days because lack of subs and the want to get off a lil quicker--anyways as of now i am at 2.25 mg

    OK this is where the benzos come in -as far as the pain pills were concerned they were not dr prescribed and my doc knows nothing about it i would like to keep it that way because i dont want it showing up somewhere in my future but the .25mg of xanax 3 times per day are dr prescribed ..anyways yesterday i called me dr for my regular xanax script and they returned my call today with the scripts ready but the doctor wants to talk about weening me off ..
    I really want off the xanax because as i read its a horrible drug and can be way worse then the hells of opiates -plus ive never been the type who liked to have thing holding me back i love to travel and its hard to do while on meds ..I even asked my doctor about getting off xanax last time i was there and she ACTUALLY said she wasnt sure how to get me off (shes a bit spacey) and maybe i should see someone else like a actual psychiatrist which i dont really want to deal with to get off under 1mg of xanax its just more money and time ..
    obviously i would like to be clean and clear of the opiates/suboxone before i tackle the benzos but as i read more and more horror stories about the benzos it makes me deathly afraid -i mean insomnia tremors zaps seizures and even death can you say scary ..

    My question is what should i talk to my dr about -even tho she is spacey she listens to what i want to do and will go at my pace and if i go to her with a taper plan to come off the benzos she will most likely listen and tell me what she thinks ..
    So what would be the best way to proceed with getting off of the xanax ? what is the best taper plan and can this be done with little or no withdrawal symptoms since i am on such a low dosage ..I have read that a good taper is to go down .25mg every 2 weeks ..which wouldnt take long at the dose im on it would be about 1 month going to .05 right off the bat for 2 weeks then .25 for 2 weeks then off ..should i go even slower than that as to not have any withdrawal symptoms especially insomnia which is why i was placed on the xanax in the first place and im sure might be increased after my suboxone is totally stopped ( i have actually had the best sleep in years while on the suboxone) ..

    Thank you all so much for these boards i am not able to get on here often because of lack of internet so sorry if i have left questions unanswered in the past --peace love and healing -japhy

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    I would go down much slower than what you are proposing. You can try that and see how you feel dropping .25 at a time, but def. stick to the two week time frame between drops if you do. Better yet to do .10 drops with xanax every 10-14 days. Take it at .25, .125, .25, then cut your dose by .125 every 10-14 days. It takes much longer for gabba receptors to heal. Slow and stead wins the race with xanax. I posted on your other thread.
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