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HELP: Tapering off Clonazapam
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    Default HELP: Tapering off Clonazapam

    My doctor convinced me to taper off. That's fine. I don't want this anymore. But the only thing I have found to help me sleep and rid the constant chest pains (severe panic attacks) was this 1mg Clonazapam and 50mg of Seroquel. It worked and I slept like a baby. Nothing else helped me sleep! Not even Ambien.

    A week and a half ago she gave me a script for 5 (1mg). Two to break in half for 4 days, and three to break into .25mg. I have four days left. After reading ALL of the above, I am scared!

    I'm supplementing with a cocktail of GABA, L-Tryptophan, ashwaganda, velarian, Passion flower, chamomile, and melatonin. (Any thoughts on Magnesium or 5-http?) The stuff I found was given to me by a friend... "Rest" by Le-Vel.. A "Thrive" product. Doc advised me to take Trazodone.. Uh, ..don't want more dependancy... I tried for three days and quit.

    • Withdrawal symptoms:
    headaches, head pressure, short term memory loss--forgetful, poor sleep (no REM), depression coupled with low motivation, panic attack (constant sharp chest pain on my left side), some GI issues but nothing I am worried about. How can anyone hold a job in these conditions?

    I exercise (CrossFit) every morning. I think I will run more and add some Yoga twice a week. I should also Increae my water intake to aide with this detox.

    I really hope some of you might be able to help and give me advice on this. Doc doesn't understand the taper from what you all are saying. Rose?

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    Hello, welcome to the forum. How long have you been on the klonopin and how much was the daily dose? God bless us all!

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