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Klonopin withdrawal too fast? help.
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    Unhappy Klonopin withdrawal too fast? help.

    I have been taking Klonopin for approximately ten years. I switched doctors, my new doctor does not want me to continue with the Klonopin and recommended that I start to wean myself off of it. About a month ago I started my taper from 1 mg. I thought I was going slow enough, but maybe not because I feel all foggy, tired, annoyed, depressed, anxious, all in one. I went from .50 to .25 last night. I feel awful, like I don't want to keep weaning off anymore. I just want to feel normal, should I go back up to .50? How can I get some relief from the aching, anxiety, depression, irritation and tiredness? Any foods, OTC medications, or recommendations? I really need help. I am really struggling.
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    I'm going through what you went through last year. Did you get any help or releif? Did you work out a taper schedule? Hope everything worked out okay.

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    been there done that!

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    Aww OP posted back in last November. I think I was not on the board at that time.

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    Have you ever considered liquid titration? You can use an amount of millileters of whole milk and a certain amount of your pill or the whole pill. Then you can "pull of"increasing but small amounts of the drug. It takes a bit longer, but lessens the withdrawl symptoms and allows your brain to fully recover from the changes that the drug has made to your CNS.

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