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Long time Xanax User with prior seizures...
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    Default Long time Xanax User with prior seizures...


    Ive been taking xanax on and off (mostly on) for the past 4-5 years. When i am using, i am taking my prescribed dose (which i medically did need for awhile) but would also take 1.5mg if i had a >>>> day. Anyway long story short found xanax young and didnt understand it. took 8 bars a day my first two weeks then decicded to stop, had sezuire. then the next few years had many months of 3.5mg a day for two weeks but i would ween down to 1mg and stay there to aviod sezuire.

    Last week i tried to take it easy and ween but had to spend 7 days no benzos for a D-test (first time in awhile) and by day 5 i was having body complusions and what felt like invoulntary spasms. is this normal? i know i need to get off i just got off opiates (1 month clean on those ) and have used these as a crutch.

    but how worried should i be, what am i in store for. i would like to taper down to 1.5mg a day within the next 6 weeks if possible.

    anyway thanks.

    - CRMROS

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    You should taper under a doctor's supervision. Given your history of seizures (you were on a large amount) you should have an anti-seizure medicine. It's possible to taper, but very, very slowly. There is a person named murugappan_rm51 (no longer on the board) but he outlines a xanax taper. The thread is Xanax Withdrawal and it's under the board "Featured Conditions". Take it slow and steady, you should cut by either .25mg or by .125mg every 7-10 days. Slow and steady wins the benzo race. Good luck



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    Can anybody write down a possible plan or link me to a post that does. I tried looking for the guy the above person mentioned but can not seem to find anything.

    Currently i am taking.

    5mgs of Xanan, 2.5mg in morning .5 afternoon and 2 mg at night.
    been this way for bout 8 months, and if you read my original post you can see me history with the drug.

    I've seen that you drop .25mg every 7-10 days in a few places, but is there any other info.

    vitamins or supplements to help with ease the process. I am mainly worried about the lack of energy and motivation i have when I don't take my benzos.


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