I've been taking 0.5mg Ativan to sleep for a over 2 months now and I believe I've built up a tolerance to it. I started waking up at night and when I tried to wean off (take half a pill), new anxiety symptoms would appear.
I asked my doctor for a non-habit forming sleep aid so I'm now taking Doxepin 3mg as well and ever since, my sleep has gotten even worse! I get a few hours of broken sleep a night.

The other night I tried Ativan alone again just to see if Doxepin was causing the issue.. but no, it still took a long time to fall asleep and only got a few hours.

Could this be withdrawal even when I'm not cutting back?

My question then is..
Do I try to taper back now (and risk sleep getting even worse) or do I take a chance and try to sleep a night or two with other sleep aids? Or do I stay on my dosage and try to stabilize my sleep before getting off this drug?

The lack of sleep is making my anxiety worse and I'm in this awful cycle. My doctor says 0.5 is such a small dose that I shouldn't worry about it and could be stopped anytime, but I've read so many horror stories about benzo withdrawal and now I can't help worrying.