This is my first posting here, It's hard for me to write or even talk about what I've been through these past 5 months.

First I pray that all of you will be blessed, have peace, joy, healing and face these things day by day.

I have a question ad maybe someone here knows something about this problem.

I was on Ativan 0.5mg 3X a day for about 4 months.
Hydrocodone 10.325 3X per day for about 4 months.

I think it has really affected my vision. I have blurry vision at times and sparkles,swirls at different times during the day. I went to the eye Dr. and she did an exam ad said my eyes look healthy, my cataracts will need to be addressed in the near future. But over all my eyes are Healthy.

So, the vision problems have encouraged me to taper off both meds.

I'm now down to Ativan .05 1X per day
0.25 Hydrocodone 1X per day over the past 6 weeks. I'm pretty motivated to do this now.

My eyes seem to be less affected than before. Has anyone had any experience with these drugs and vision problems. So here are my questions. What should the next taper down be? 0.25 for a week and can I just stop the Hydrocodrone at 0.25?

How long will it take once I'm off the meds for my vision to clear up? Are these levels still dangerous if I stop? Are there any vitamins that will help?

I had 8 weeks of Radiation and 4 - 3 day sessions of Chemo... I'm doing great thank God!!! I don't need these meds any longer and I want to get off of them.

I wish you all well in your journeys,

Thank you for any help or encouragements!!!

Ranger Bill
John 3:16