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Please help me
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    Default Please help me

    I really need help on how to switch from ativan to klonopin to taper. I can't take valium because it doesn't metabolize properly in my liver. I have a doctor who told me to do to my comfort level. She gave suggestions..But I need help from someone with experience.

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    To add to my previous post I have general anxiety disorder and ptsd. The past three years have been tremendously difficult. Medications don't really agree with my system. I spent 6 weeks in a trauma program and currently are receiving emdr 3xs a week. I am just so afraid of this withdrawal process and could use some help and encouragement.

    I don't understand why no one is responding. Trying to reclaim my life. I would appreciate any help.

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    I really dont know much about ativan to klonipin
    How much ativan are you on and how often?

    If you move your thread to the NEED TO TALK board
    you will get some response..
    That board is much buzzier than this one.

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    Thank you. How do I move the thread?

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