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Rapid Valium Withdrawal 25mg Help :)
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    Exclamation Rapid Valium Withdrawal 25mg Help :)

    Hi everyone.
    I recently did a dry run of Valium withdrawal. I went from 25mg to 0 for roughly 3 days before I got any real side effects.
    -after 3 days I realised my train of thought was clouding and due to the psychosis risk I zipcuffed myself.
    - I realised my mental state was going down hill a bit so I took 50mg and probably 30mg the next day and the next + a little alcohol (bad idea)
    - I had about 5% recollection of the next 4 days whilst my levels started going back to normal

    I have taken Valium on and off for about 8 years now on and off. Previously stopping from similar doses straight off has never really had any negative effects apart from the odd bit of agitation. I think I have probably been on it for too long and on too higher a dose which is why it's hitting me this time.

    The reason I'm hitting it hard is due to plans I've made for next year. I need Valium off my medical records in order for a clean bill of health in order to start a certain profession. I need to study and ideally I'd like my concentration back. Zip cuffs and psychosis I see as a necessary evil so I'm happy to do the full thing this time round after getting a taste from my first attempt.

    So I guess my questions are..

    -How does psychosis typically last for?
    -How long do I need to be 'out of the way' basically? (I have a good environment to do this in and it's a good time for me with no access to alcohol)
    - Is there risk of death (I don't think there is but it would be reassuring to know)

    Tapering the dosage is a possibility but I'm running low on time right now. Your advice or contribution would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

    *These drugs are prescribed
    *Mods this is posted on another section as I wasn't sure where to really put it.

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    You can die from benzo withdrawal
    Yes you can..
    You are right alcohol and benzo not a good idea..
    How many do you have left?
    What was your last dose and when?
    I will check back later

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    Really? could you tell me how I could die etc?
    I've always done alcohol and valium for heightened effect. There's a recreational side to my drug taking and then an anxiety aide but recreational use is very rare.
    Honestly I have an unlimited supply from various sources but as of right now I have 1 weeks worth of 25mg x 7 I will always have the same every week.
    Doses are all up to date and I won't act on the above till I've gained a bit more knowledge so I guess I'm hoping to get a bit of insight from you guys! From the other thread I understand seizures are a possibility so I need an alternative to Zip Cuffs. I'll give CITA a call tomorrow to see what they say although I doubt they will advocate cold turkey.
    If you have experience with it though please let me know how it went etc

    Just so you know I'm ready for a mental beat down. I deal with it OK and my dry run was just to get a taste of what I'd be facing. It's been in preparation for a good few weeks and now I feel I'm ready.

    Thank You
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