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Seizures from Tramadol
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    Default Seizures from Tramadol

    I fell into taking Tramadol my fist trip to Thailand. I injured myself, so a 'friend' of mine helped me out by getting Tramadol for me from the local pharmacy. This was five years ago. I'm now up to 30 50mg pills a day, or more. I continued on Tramadol because it was a miracle cure for my depression. I've been diagnosed with clinical depression twice. I hate the label but I also can't deny the label suits me. I give a significant credit to finishing my college degree from taking the drug. Despite struggling for money and working too hard while in school, Tramadol gave me the optimism and energy to press on. I was only taking 8 pills a day then. That was 3 years ago. In the last 5 months I've had three seizures, one of which landed me in the hospital with four broken ribs. I need to taper done I feel, but the drug is just so damn accessible here in Thailand. I moved here after I graduated college.
    The question I can't seem to answer for myself is whether I should taper down and risk depression again, or sustain an amount I know is comfortable where seizures are not going to interrupt my life. Tramadol is not even that strong of a drug, I mean not by scheduling standards. It seems people are getting hooked on the real opiates and here I am on Tramadol. It's not even the high I'm after, but the suppression of depression. The energetic high is favorable, however.
    I don't know. Someone said I could take Valium to help compensate for withdrawal, another overly abundant drug here. I feel I would just exchange one for the other in this case, or even get hooked on both..... I don't know. Just flapping the jaw so to speak.

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    Well... Yes, it is a misconception that tramadol is not that strong a drug. In some ways it is actually a worse, more harmful drug than opiates. The amount you are taking and the length of time you've been taking it puts you at high risk for seizures if you try to stop it suddenly. I am unsure what triggered your seizures, did they occur when you tried to reduce or stop the tramadol?

    Tramadol works on two levels as you have found. One is a mild opiate effect and the other is an antidepressant effect. That it relieves your depression is a sign that regular SSRI or SNRI antidepressants would probably be a good thing for you but you need to be under the care of a doctor. Taking too much of an antidepressant or of tramadol can put you at risk for serotonin overdose.

    About the valium, yes and no. Yes it's true that a benzodiazepam can treat withdrawal but in your case I strongly advise against you trying to self treat. Doctors would use a benzo to prevent seizures from tramadol withdrawal but the dosage would need to be carefully calculated.

    You've got yourself into a dangerous situation here. I see two possible courses. One is to slowly taper down the tramadol. You will need to be dedicated and committed and you will need to tolerate some discomfort, depression and low energy, but if you taper slowly you will avoid dangerous seizures. The other option is to put yourself under the care of a doctor who can detox you safely with the appropriate support during withdrawal. I don't know what kind of medical care you have access to there but if it's good, that would probably be the preferable course.

    Either way, this is not good for you in the long run. Better to get off the tramadol but maybe talk to a psychiatrist and see if proper treatment with an antidepressant is the right thing for you. A doctor might be able to taper down your tramadol while adding an AD, but this would need to be done very, very carefully.

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