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Tapering off xanax DESPERATE
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    Angry Tapering off xanax DESPERATE

    I have been on .5 mg twice a day of xanax for about 8 years. I just started a taper to get off these. I tapered to .75 a day taking equal amounts at 1am, 10am, 3pm, and 8pm, I plan on doing this for two weeks, I still have another week to go. Then I will taper another 25% taking those at the same times and continue until I get to nothing. My question is, is it better to spread the dosage out like that or do something different? And what about when I get down to the smallest dosage? I have to get off this by the beginning of July because my Doctor is cutting me off because of new laws ugggh!

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    Car102 ....are you still around. I have a similar problem and was wondering how you were doing. It is a shame this board is so slow. Hopefully you are doing ok or have found help somewhere else. This is a huge problem and you are not alone. I will watch the board to see if you are still here. Thanks

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    I am also on 0.5 mg twice a day, one at breakfast and one at lunch. Been doing this for 2 years. Yesterday I cut the lunch one in half and plan on moving the lunch one to dinner to spread them out. I hope to be doing this for a few weeks before I start cutting the morning on into quarters and taking 3 of those.

    I've wanted to get off these for a while. The push came when my doctor started making me come in once a month to renew the script. I can't be seeing him monthly.

    I've seen the Ashton manual that everyone raves about, but I'm not on such a high dose and don't want to be substituting valium into the process. I plan on telling my doctor when I next go in.

    I've forgotten to take my lunch time pill pretty often and felt no effects from it. But since I cut the pill in half yesterday I woke up at 3:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I go to bed at 7pm but normally I wake up at 4:30. I hope this won't be as hard as everyone says.

    Yes Jeffrey123, these benzo boards are slow going. Not like the opiates board which is like a rapid fire!

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