2 weeks ago, im going to a psychiatrist because im suffer from anxiety and gerd.
Then the doctor give me this Alprazolam with 2x0.5mg dosage per day, and when i ask her about the side effect she just said im gonna be sleepy after using it.

Then 9 hours ago, after the last use of this medicine,
Im searching it online about what happen if i withdraw this Alprazolam.
and it shocked me about so many bad thing would happen if i "cold turkey" or whatsoever the name.
The doctor didnt give me any warning before.
And now im run out of that medicine in the middle of the night.

Im okay with somw withdrawal symptomps like tremor,muscle pain etc.
But seizure sounds horrifiying.

Is it safe to withdraw this medicine after 2 weeks of use?
What should i do?

Sorry for my broken english.