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Withdrawing on low dose of Xanax, help!
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    Unhappy Withdrawing on low dose of Xanax, help!


    I've been tapering off of xanax for around 3 months now. I am now at .5 mg per day. A lot of things I read, including forum discussions say that you should be able to just cut it off once you reach such a low dose, but I've been on this dose for about 3 weeks now and I still feel awful. shaking, intense nausea, insomnia, etc. My doctor suggested I try taking .25 mg twice a day instead of taking the whole .5 mg at once. Does this sound like a good option? The other thing she suggested was trying another benzo that is longer lasting to help the withdrawal symptoms, but I'm afraid to do that, because I feel like I could end up going through this again when I taper off that second benzo. Also, I'm gonna be honest, I've been a regular pot smoker for a few months now. Right now, smoking it is the only thing I can find to help at all, and even that is short lived. I've read that smoking pot at the same time is a bad idea, but I'm just so desperate for some relief. When my withdrawal is at it's worst I feel like I have irrational thinking, like feeling a want to hurt or kill myself to escape this. I've already tried 3 prescription meds for nausea but no help. What should I do about the weed usage? I hope I am not sabotaging myself by using it.

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    Don't switch to a longer lasting benzo. Anything with a longer half life will have longer withdrawal I believe. Do you have something else to help you sleep that's not a benzo? I got down to .5mg as well, and eventually stopped there. It will pass and your brain will adjust.

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