Hi All! I've been taking 1 mg xanax a day for 10 months, split into 0.5 mg twice a day, once around 7-8 am, and then again at 1-2 pm. I'm unemployed, but figured I would stop taking the xanax once I got a job. Now I'm reading about how slowly you have to wean off xanax! Nobody ever told me this! I will be discussing weaning off of xananx with my doctor when I see him next in July.

My question is, should I start spacing the doses to every 12 hours before I start weaning? I thought I just needed it during the day to calm down, so I take it in the morning and then 6 hours later. You know, kind of like how you take sudafed for a stuffy nose, or something like that.

I'm unemployed because I was diagnosed with cancer right after being laid off from my last job. But that was over 2 years ago, and I finished chemo March 2016. Finding a job has been tough and I'm sure it's because of the gap in my resume. I'm starting a very short term contract job tomorrow (Monday), which will be good for my psyche for sure. I'm going to keep taking the xanax, since stopping is obviously a no-no. I read about that expert "benzo" doctor online (can't remember her name). The lowest dose she provides a weaning plan for is 4 mg a day. OK, now I'm just rambling I bolded my question that I really want answered. Thanks to Ricky for telling me about this board.