Xanax addiction is the worst type of addiction and anyone that starts to fight it deserves massive credit. The good news is that every single person out there has the fight in them to win there freedom from the horrible pills. It will not be easy but it will be rewarding. When you go thru the withdrawal and tamper your dosage down to almost a fraction of what you were taking you are close to finishing the race. Freedom is the prize. No more confusion, no more emotionless decisions and no more feeling low.

When I say you, I could also say we because I am still running the race right now and it has being the most difficult thing I ever had to do. I was 2 years tampering down my dose in 3 monthly cycles and I am 1 year completely free from the nasty pills. I still feel weekly that I am improving even after one year free because I have to let my brain deal with stressful situations naturally go thru the motions. I do get down sometimes but now i realise that I can't expect everyday to be a Sunni day and I am more prepared to handle the bad days.

Yes exercise works, yes eating right helps and yes meditation or even listening to relaxing music helps. When you start holding conversations, remembering people's names and return to a focused person you will take the odd bad day and let your body and mind deal with it naturally. We are powerful and cam learn to self heal without the need for meds. Please believe in yourself and don't give up.

I am a 14 year addict that was in xanax high dose. If you think you want to progress your life and free your mind talk to your doctor about safe withdrawal and close the chapter on this nightmare.

Remember if a person won't go on a plane because they are nervous to fly BUT they will if they take one xanax then doesn't that alone show you what your are dealing with. Understand the problem and free yourself from it. You be happy you did.