I'm on day 12 CT methadone. And glad those symptoms are starting to fade. However to get through the process I have used some xanax. I used exactly 46mgs between August 8th, and today, August 25th. I did not use the xanax everyday and most of what I consumed was at the early and peak stages of w/d. Since Monday I have only used 1mg of xanax. I'm terrified of becoming physically dependent that's why I cut wayyyy back. I'm looking for some answers because I did not dose for 36 hours. Yesterday I felt great and didn't even take the xanax before bed. Today I woke up depressed as all hell, today has NOT BEEN A GOOD DAY, for me and anyone around me. It's important to add that I'm CT from Mary Jane at the moment too. I had a pretty hefty habit at 3.5gs per day, I am on day 5 without the budz. Going 36 hours without the xanax makes me think most of this is due to the pot, not the xanax as the w/d symptoms don't really match what's going on. Especially considering how long (3 years) and how much (1/8 per day, easy) I used. Somebody please help me, I would like to take a little more xanax today to keep me sane during this process quitting weed and methadone. I hate the feeling of xanax but it's the only thin that helps through opiate w/d. I am terrified to become pshycially dependent on the xanax. Should I just stop the xanax altogether, are these symptoms from xanax w/d? The only thing I feel is depressed, not palpitations, no hallucinations, no delirium, no convulsions, seizures, sweats. Nothing persists from any of these w/d except this depression. I really need advice and help. Should I continue my 36 hour xanax kick? Is this the weedz, Done, or benzos. I don't know. Personally I think it's the weed but have little to no experience with benzos, am I starting to w/d from those? Am I already pshyically dependent? Or is all of this just a comnination. Should I take anymore xanax today? Like .25 or .5? Should I just stop them and face this horrible depression? I just need some answers please.