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Xanax withdrawal abnormal?
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    Default Xanax withdrawal abnormal?

    Hey so I've been taking dosages daily of 3-6mg since April 2015. I've tapered down to about 3-2mg a day now. However I have withdrawals so severe I hallucinate, am in extreme pain, cannot function or be around people, become delusional and suicidal, and have experienced what I thought may be minor convulsions or seizures especially when falling asleep or waking up. Is this normal?? Everyone tells me I work myself into it but I honestly do whatever possible to remain calm ,avoid triggers and think logically and tell myself its just the xanax. Am I at a high dosage daily? And what are the risks of trying to quit on my own and are these symptoms normal for someone taking my dose for that amount of time? I also have underlying personality disorders/ chemical imbalances that were there prior to this and haven't been properly diagnosed by a psychiatrist.

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    Those symptoms are all 100% part of Xanax withdrawal at that dose. Before I can give you more advice I need to know if you're prescribed these and if so are you abusing them? The advice I will give you now is DO NOT STOP cold turkey at even 2-3mg daily you will most certainly have a grand mal seizure and wake up with EMT's standing over you and being absolutely confused as to what just happened. Or worse not wake up at all because you seize up at a bad time e.g. driving. Let me know if youre abusing them or taking them as directed . 2-3mg is a high dose, 6mg is an EXTREME dose
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    Those are from tapering but to have all those sxs already shows you are tapering way to fast. The brain needs time to adjust and tapering at a slow and small reduction and listening to your body when you feel stable to cut again. I wrote on another thread on here and I explained how I taper off with manageable. But just like the other side never do cold turkey Or a rapid taper.

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