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450mg Wellbutrin XL, help?
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    Default 450mg Wellbutrin XL, help?

    Hello all. I'm new, but let's just get down to business.

    Ever since I went up to this from 300mg last month, I think my condition has worsened. I wanted a stimulant drug because I've felt lifeless for over a year, but my doctor chose to increase my Wellbutrin instead. Went from 150mg -> 200mg -> 300mg -> 450mg a month between adjustments. When I first started 300mg I had a great mood "Spike" where I was very lively, sociable, happy... all that good stuff. But that all went to hell after about two days. Hit a big depression, but I came out of it with some drive to do things I enjoy again to some extent.

    But even that didn't last long. My motivation disappeared right before upping the dose. And AFTER the 450mg started to take effect, I received no positive reactions (but recently I had a few brief hours of goodness). My depression worsened, I couldn't get out of bed to shower or brush my teeth, absolutely nothing was fun anymore, hopeless... (the last two days have been different though. I'll start the day in a pretty good state but when night rolls around I have a moderately bad crash). However, the physical side effects have me worried.

    -My appetite is more suppressed than it naturally is now. And I can't eat if I'm not hungry.
    -So I end up not eating for days, and my body of course gets weakened. Dizzy and nauseous, which makes eating even more difficult.
    -Shortness of breath after doing something as simple as climbing the stairs.
    -Sleep deprivation (averaging ~4 hours a night at best, but it happens in "shifts." My norm was always 12 straight hours)
    -Would experience SOME heightened anxiety that my seroquel couldn't take care of (until I just fell asleep), but this was less frequent than the other "issues."

    Are the breathing problems, starvation and lack of sleep going to be something that I should address immediately? My next appointment is on the 12th so it almost seems pointless to try and get in earlier. I've been experiencing this for about a week and a half - two weeks I'd say. I'm sure you're thinking why I didn't call my doctor already. Every time that option came up, I'd be feeling better that day, and I'm the type who thinks I don't need to get something checked out if I feel better in that moment. Not the best line of thinking, I know.

    I'm sure my doctor will have to change something, but when I get the rare GOOD mood shift, it's really great. I didn't experience things like those days for years. But of course the bad also comes with that, and lasts way longer than the high... but I do think it's better than being an emotionless robot, so I don't want to lose the positive effects of a stimulant drug...

    Diagnoses: Bipolar, Borderline.
    Female, 21, ~100lbs if that matters.
    Wellbutrin XL 450mg, Lamictal 200mg and Levora (birth control) with Ambien and Seroquel as needed. Although I felt pretty ?????? when I took an Ambien on this dose of the Wellbutrin, and it didn't help with the sleep that much anyway. Gulp.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    I would see another doctor. That's a heck of a lot of meds you are on. I would get another opinion. If you are having shortness of breath, you could be having some reaction: seek medical help. Stay away from the Ambien if it is not helping.



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