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Advair Substitute
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    My husband has been taking Advair for several years and it has worked well. Our insurance has changed and because it is a brand name we have a 75%
    copay. This is about $450.00 for a 3 month supply. When is this going to have a generic substitute?

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    Smile advair substitute

    I have been using advair for 3 years also. It is so expensive. When I first had to quit working I lost my health insurance. so I talked to my pharmacist and they hooked me up with a plan to get it for $10. I can't remember what the company was. (possibly the maker of advair) but it was worth it. I now have insurance but before I remember it was $275. per disc. I haven't any idea what it would cost now. Also one of the laboratories will give away at least one disc. I would ask your pharmacist if they have any similar programs to the ones I have used. I live in California I'm not sure what state you are in.

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    Advair is fluticasone and salmeterol ...
    if you want to know about similar drugs see
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