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Alergic to inactive ingredients in Oxycodone 30MG IR
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    Default Alergic to inactive ingredients in Oxycodone 30MG IR

    I am in a quandary. I picked up my monthly Rx at CVS for 30mg Oxycodone IR. Made by Mallinckrodt. I've never had issues with this brand. Sometimes CVS runs out — something changes — a different manufacturer is used, etc.

    During those times, I get skin rashes that itch like crazy. Not the usual opiate itching side-effect. This is more like the worst case of weeping poison oak you have ever experienced. Will-power alone won't prevent me from scratching and making it worse. I think I need SA ( Scratchers Anonymous )

    After a lot of testing with my Dr., we narrowed it down to a filler/binder called Povidone used by Qualitest in the manufacturing of these Oxycodone 30mg's.

    I have looked almost everywhere locally. It seems most only carry the Qualitest brand. Rite-Aid has Mallinckrodt, but my refill today was only partially filled — the remaining filled with KVK Tech brand ( K-9 Imprint I believe ). KVK Tech's website doesn't list Oxycodone as a product they manufacture?

    Where can I find the list of inactive ingredients in the KVK Tech Oxycodone? Or in any of the various manufacturer's so I know what is safe for me?

    Unfortunately, The pharmacists aren't very helpful — I suspect they think I am trying to play tricks on them. Maybe showing them the rashes, then perhaps they would help me. So far, I have tried CVS, WallGreens ( WallGreens was on the phone — I was told they no longer carry Oxycodone at all. I suspect that is not true. ), Wal*Mart, and Costco. This leaves me with Safeway and Target as the only remaining pharmacies locally. I could go to the next town over, but this is getting ridiculous —?a non-issue for years, is now a problem for me.

    I get varying answers regarding the pharmacy ordering a specific brand. Some say "sure", only to have a different employee tell me their system will swap it out for whatever their distributor has. Others tell me it's not possible to order a specific manufacturer. I'm not insured, and pay for my Dr. and these medications on my own, so luckily I don't have to worry about staying within a certain supported list of manufacturers. Right now, just getting the list of inactive ingredients seems to be as secret as the patented formulas that make up medicine in general.

    Thank you for any help on locating a list of fillers/binders for various manufacturer's. ( Especially for the KVK Tech brand. )

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    some drugs allergic to human body. These can harm the skin and other body parts.

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