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All about DXM
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    I was dependent on DXM for a long time. It crippled me mentally, it was quite a severe addiction. Since I recovered and experienced first hand Real drug addiction, and all the mental issues caused by it like DXM induced psychosis, horrible drop in cognitive ability. I'm talking severe mental retardation. Severe HPPD was hard to deal with. Being stripped of all emotions, not feeling pleasure, mood or anything was a weird experience. I took about 6 months for any severe problems to improve, which would be the HPPD, and cognition. Slowly my intelligence came back, i could speak coherently again, the psychosis problems died off, started to get some critical thinking back, tremors stopped, self-conscious feelings went away, depersonalization/derealization went away. 6 months after my last dose of DXM to feel somewhat normal. 4 months after that things kept getting better, but drastically slower. But during these 4 months is when I started to feel emotion again. I still cant show outward emotion to this day, cant truly feel pleasure, true happiness.

    But after all this I've gained new interests. I'm not sure exactly what I like more, psychology, pharmacology, philosophy, I like them all. Somehow I just have a good understanding of mental illness. I've been able to spot mental problems in people before learning they really have those problems. Now I can figure out what issues somebody might have depending on their drug of choice. I don't know why, I've studied it a little bit and watched some lectures about subconscious drug addiction and such.

    But the main point of this thread. I really wan't to learn everything that's currently known about DXM and what it does to the brain. I wan't to know why it did what it did to me. I wan't to know what parts of the brain its known to effect, how it effects it, and what the person experiencing the damage would feel as a result. I know the symptoms I felt from the damage. I wan't to know why the symptoms occurred. What caused them? How did the DXM manage to basically almost shut down my whole brain? Obviously not my whole brain, I'm not brain dead but I was sure on my to it.

    I've been doing some research, reading a lot of articles about DXM addiction itself, some stuff about the basics of DXM as a drug. But I struggle to learn about what happens to the brain when DXM invades it. I know some things, but I'm missing a lot of information between the facts that I already know, so I can't piece it together and have any true knowledge of it.

    I need to know this information. I guess I just can't learn on my own, by doing research. Especially not at this time since one of the longer lasting problems I'm still struggling with is learning ability. Its still hard to actually learn something on my own that requires a lot of thought/mental process. I dug up tons and tons of information and I read a lot of things about this. But i'm so unorganized with it I learn random bits and peace about different parts of the DXM and the brain. So I thought its about time I ask for help from somebody who knows about it. Knows about what DXM is, what it does to different things inside the brain like neurons, receptor sites ect. Also what the brain does in reaction to the DXM. What DXM does over time when abused daily. I'd greatly appreciate help from you if you are willing to take the time to talk, explain some things to me, help me understand everything about the drug that almost killed me. I need this knowledge for my personal benefit. The more I learn bout it the better it makes me feel. Makes me feel good because its been a mystery for so long, and I've been failing to learn it on my own.

    I also need to learn about it because It made me weird as . People think I'm weird as because lots of people saw me during this ed up time. I try telling them why I was/am like this. Because DXM abuse damaged my brain, but its not permanent, its more long lasting damage. Than they ask how it damaged my brain, I have a hard time thinking what to say because really, I don't understand it myself. I know the symptoms sure...but I would rather be able to tell them the symptoms and why I suffer from each symptom so they can understand that really its not my personality that's weird. I just simply can't the real me, the me I used to be before abusing DXM till I'm all healed up. I really doubt the little knowledge that I know. I don't think all the sources I've taken information from were legit or up to date. And some people probably given me misinformation. Either way, I think its safe to say I should learn from the start again, ground zero. I started researching when I had even worse side effects still from dxm abuse. I think now is a good time where mentally I can try to really focus and learn this stuff.

    Can anybody offer their knowledge and help me out?

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    Apologies for the double post, but I do realize I made grammar/typos I tried to edit them, but I guess there is a 6 minute time limit, after that, I cant edit. Darn. Don't judge me from my typos and grammar (

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