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Ampheta s/combo (Adderall generic)
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    Wink Ampheta s/combo (Adderall generic)

    Yes, hello all. New here. Just wanted to see what others thought about this Ampheta s/combo drug used to replace Adderall. I visited the doc yesterday and received a script for Adderall. Arriving at the pharmacy I was asked which do I want: the name brand? or the generic? The difference in price was dramatic! And, subsequently I also learned that, indeed, they carry only the GENERIC ! So hey, the choice was made for me. However, now after coming along HERE and reading about this Ampheta s/combo, I'm not feeling so good about my new prescription. I feel betrayed, because the doctor suggested I get the generic! It would seem to me that a doctor would be aware of a generic that is getting such low reviews. Money's important, but hey, so am I, right?

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    is ur generic a little blue pill that is scored in the middle so it can be broken in half? they're okay. actually, they're really not that bad, but not as good as name brand. but prices on name brand are absolutely ridiculous, no matter what insurance u have.

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    Wink I noticed the date of your original message after I wrote mine - sorry...Generic >>.

    The generic for Adderall is no different than the original, name brand, I guess they call it - why does your Doc want you to take it?

    I have been taking the generic (on & off) for about nine months. Does exactly what it is supposed to, so my wife says.

    I have experimented by taking my daughters (name brand - very expensive) and mine (generic - cheap). I

    Explore the chemical formulas and you will find that the pharmaceutical manufacturers simply change a minute amount of a substance in order patent or re-patent a name brand.

    It takes a bit of surfing, but everything imaginable is at our fingertips!


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