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Asking for long acting opiate
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    Default Asking for long acting opiate

    Hello all, I am new to the forum.

    Three years ago I got into a bad accident and did severe damage to my neck. Since then I have had two surgery's (Cervical Fusion's) and deal with chronic pain on a daily basis; it sucks (I'm only 26). Since then, I have been a pain management patient. I'm lucky to have a great pain doctor that knows me very well and understands what I'm dealing with.

    I've been prescribed oxycodone for three years. I am taking 30mg IR four times a day (120mg daily). Considering tolerance issues, this is not that bad considering I've been on this medication for many years. Anyway, the past few months my tolerance has really got out of hand to the point where the dosage I'm prescribed BARELY takes the edge off. I have explained to my doctor that I'm not too crazy about increasing my dosage, and until now I have taken a fairly conservative approach to my opiate therapy. I need to do something because my tolerance is increasing so rapidly. I go in for my next scheduled appointment on Thursday and will be explaining this to my doctor. I really want to avoid increasing my Oxy IR. I would rather add something to it where I only have to take one or two extended release pills per day. For example, I would take my long acting drug, and then only take my Oxy IR as/if needed.

    Are there any recommendations for a good long acting opiate that I can add to my regimen? I would like to try to avoid Oxy ER because of tolerance issues. Besides, I think adding a different drug might help better even if it is considered weaker than Oxy, due to my Oxy tolerance. Thanks.

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    If you go to a pain management doctor, he would be the best one to advise you, not a layperson from online.

    You are taking a very high dosage of a very powerful, highly addictive drug - 120 mg of oxycodone daily is massive. Working in a long-term treatment center for substance abuse, I have clients (addicts) who don't even take this much. It's dangerous. It is suppressing your respiration, putting you in danger of respiratory arrest in your sleep. Given the path you're on, at age 26, you will be chasing this kind of tolerance forever. That's just the nature of narcotics. Switching from one to another is only a very short-term solution, if any. Tolerance translates across other opiates. It won't be long before NO amount of narcotic reaches your pain. Chronic pain patients are at very high risk for addiction, contrary to the misbelief that if you are taking a narcotic for pain, you can't get addicted. That is untrue.

    If I were in your shoes, I would explore any and every other form of alternative treatment available.

    You will know the truth - and only the truth can set you free.

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