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Bath Salts MDPV, the new Meth.
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    Default Bath Salts MDPV, the new Meth.

    Bath Salts has been a popular designer drug on the market for a few years now but just recently there seems to be a huge rise in abuse especially in my area, before the active ingredient in Bath Salts was Mephadrone, then they changed it to MDPV or Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, I think this must be way more addictive and abuse has risen since the change. This is a very dangerous drug, it can be eaten, snorted, smoked or injected. It is Chemically similar to Methamphetamine, LSD and Ritalin. It is estimated to be 4 times stronger than Ritalin mg for mg, and is usually sold by the .5g or or full gram for 20-40 dollars, legally marked "glass cleaner" or something and "not for human consumption. In high doses it can cause severe paranoia (aside from the euphoria), hallucinations, depression, and violent thoughts and actions. I personally know many people this drug has destroyed, the reason for the popularity is because for one its readily available at the store but also can not be tested for, so those being drug tested turn to this. .2 or .3 can keep you awake and not eating for 2 days, so you can imagine what a 2 week binge could do to someone body and mind, rapid weight loss and insanity. Where I am from it's the most common drug of abuse, people line up at store in the morning for it. Law enforcement obviously has not found a way to stop it because street chemists keep out smarting them. I am fairly pro-drug but this stuff is beginning to scare me. Any input?

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    What gets me is that these stores can not be making that big of profit from selling these as well as Spice. They obviously can see the damage that these drugs are doing as it is in the newspapers regularly.
    So what type of human being are you that would place the small amount of $ you make higher then the good of your community members neighborhood, and people in general.

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