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    Exclamation bipolar

    It took 10 years but finally found the right cocktail....klonopin, zyprexa and Prozac, Trouble is, they're wearing off. I am considering changing the Prozac for latuida. Anyone else on this cocktail?

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    Hi, I have bipolar 2.

    I am on clonazepam (I believe it's the CAD version of klonopin), prozac, topomax, (topirimate) and lamotrigine (lamictal), and ability. My mood disorder is more down swings than upswings so we've had to peak the combos a bit. I think it all depends on your brain chemistry and your mood swings.

    There are apps online and mobile apps to track medications and your mood swings, to create charts and email to yourself, your doc and your PDoc. I find them very helpful. I've had to switch drugs numerous times because of the short-term effects bupoprion (wellbutrin) specifically.

    I really find my current combo works for me, when I take it exactly as prescribed (i.e. proper times, daily).

    Best of luck,


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