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Brand name Effexor XR... does it have the same ingredients in the US and Canada?
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    Question Brand name Effexor XR... does it have the same ingredients in the US and Canada?

    Some will say that the non-active ingredients don't make a difference. In my experience that isn't the case. There is a difference between the generic brand (Teva) Venlafaxine that is purchased in Canada as the one you get in the USA. Despite being the same company.

    I know first hand, because I was on Teva Venlafaxine (150mg extended release capsules) for several years in Canada. I had my prescription filled here in the USA and my body took on all kinds of bizarre and uncomfortable side effects. Minutes after I took it, I had a panick attack and major tremors which lasted for hours.

    It's been a week since then, and I have been panic and dizzy every day, with non-stop headache and heartburn. No appetite. Can barely sleep.
    And yes I've verified I was indeed given the correct dosage, and it's the extended release capsule.

    That leads me to my original question. I will be purchasing the brand name Effexor XR at full cost tomorrow from a US pharmacy. I will be in the country here for several months. But before I do that, I want to make sure it's the same stuff that I would get in Canada. I've taken Effexor XR in Canada when the pharmacies were out of Teva, and it did not give me any sort of reaction. I am hoping that by taking Effexor XR down here, my side effects will finally go away.

    Otherwise I have to make a trip to Canada.

    Does anyone here know if there is a difference between Effexor XR purchased in the USA, >> elsewhere? I'd hate to fork out $300+ for this stuff only to experience the same side effects as the Teva brand.

    Any advice or insight is appreciated. I'm becoming desperate. And I will drive to Canada if I need to. This is torture.
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    One thing I would like to note,

    The Teva brand Venlafaxine in Canada is called XR... in the US, it's called ER.

    The Pfiser brand is Effexor XR across both countries. Could this be an indication that it's the exact same substance?

    Are there any rules/legalities as to naming drugs, if they do not contain the exact same ingredients would they be required to name it something else?

    Just trying to get some clarification before I make my purchase tomorrow. It's not just my money that I'm g-a-m-b-l-i-n-g, it's my health.

    Thanks in advance!
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