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buspar verses xanax
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    Default buspar verses xanax

    Are buspar and xanax the same drug? Are they used for the same thing? I have a panic disorder and in the past i was prescribed xanax and adavan, amongst other things. I used to take one when I felt anxious. Now i take buspar, is this supposed to work the same way? or do I have to have it in my system for some time to feel the effects? please help, thanks

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    Buspar and xanax are 2 completely different meds. Xanax is a benzo and is addictive thou fast acting, it only last a short time, about 4 hours.
    Buspar is also an antianxiety med which doesn't work quiet as well. You need to take this every day. For me, it takes the edge off my anxiety and that is just what I need. I take 10mg 3x a day. I'm sure a stronger dose would provide a little more help.

    I would give it a good try if I were you. You don't need to be addicted to a med like that if you start taking it too much. The best way to come of xanax of klonopin (also a benzo) is inpatient since coming off too fast can cause siezures.
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    Thumbs up busbar worked perfectly for me in higher doses

    I used to take klonopin (its an anti anxiety drug and its a benzo, just like Xanax is) and I became addicted to it, my boyfriend is presently addicted to Xanax ... I started taking busbar (busbarine) at a dose of about 10 mg in the morning and 10 mg at night, in short it wasn't enough, I talked to my doctor, and she increased my dose gradually till I was taking 30 mg 2x a day, which is working great, I love it. I gave some to my boyfriend (not recommended) and it worked for him. it relieved his anxiety, but it did nothing to relieve his benzo withdrawls when he tried to reduce his Xanax rapidly. he taled to his doctor, who scolded him for taking an unprescribed medicine, but his doctor agreed to start him on 7.5 mg of busbarine (busbar) 2 times a day, and increase it to a higher dose over time if needed. my boyfriend is happy about it because he wants to stop taking Xanax because it is addictive. I hope this info helps you in your effort to reduce your anxiety

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