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Can you get high on Fioricet? Help!
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    Cool Can you get high on Fioricet? Help!

    I overdosed on Asprin a few months back, and don't want to do it again. I know I shouldn't eat anything to get high, but I am a recovering addict... Can I catch a buzz on Fioricet without killing my liver?



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    We don't give advice here on how to "catch a buzz" whether it kills your liver or not. You are at a crossroads. I suggest you rethink your actions before it's too late and you find yourself in hell.

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    Right... be careful of overdosing on anything that contains that much acetominephen. Hypothetically, you can get "high" on anything if you OD. But you can find yourself in a coma for a few weeks, too. So be careful.
    Butalbital is a mild barbiturate, so I guess it has sedative properties. I tried to take it for my headaches and it made me too sleepy, so I quit (it didnt help the headaches anyways).
    If you are a recovering addict, please try to continue to recover, not look for alternative means of getting high.
    Best of luck...

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