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Children and Prozac {side effects}
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    Default Children and Prozac {side effects}

    Hello the reason I'm writing today is maybe get some information or help with what I consider to be a big problem. I have a 15 yr. old son who was put on Prozac when he was 7 yrs old, because at the time he had felt it was his fault my sister died,long story short I had to go take care of her everyday so my mom could work and he had to come he was only 7.{she had cancer} I told him to get his shoes. On the way to his room he said to himself Oh God I hope she dies today so I dont have to go there anymore.She died about 2 hours after we got there.10 day's later he had some sort of a nervous breakdown and tried to kill himself by running in front of a speeding cop car right in front of his school. After he was medicated of coarse it made him calmer and some what cooperative,but at the same time he felt no pain he showed no emotions, he fell out of a tree and didnt cry, my baby was gone!Ibrought him to docter after docter so many theropist's I did everything I could to get my lil boy back.We found out after a year why it was that he thought he didnt deserve to live.Also his cousin Danny who was only 3 at the time no longer had a mommy and felt it was his fault. Billy's docter would say once a month how are you feeling? He would say not good the prozac isnt working anymore so it would get raised. They probably raised it 3 times a year not once did he ever have a blood test or brian wave test nothing at all from any docter at all.Take into consideration also I had been told by this specillast who put him on it he was one of the first children in america to be given this drug, they had no studies whats so ever at the time. In the last 3 yrs he took it we tried so many times to wein him off of it because as he got older he concidered himself to be a drug addict at the age of 11.He would go up to 3 months and then have a servere breakdown to the point he had to be instatutionalized more then 3 times. When he was 1st given prozac their so called"wonder drug" What did it do to him? Will he die an early death because no one checked his blood? The child study team evaluated him after his suiside attempt, He was found at that time in 2nd grade a near geneuis,he had the neatest hand writing, he was so smart,funny,and a wonderful imagination.Also he was reading at a collage level in the second grade. He was a pefectionest if he colored out of the lines after spending an hour drawing a picture he would rip it up cause it wasnt good enough. He like quiteness when he did thing's like 5000 piece puzzles,I dont mean to go on like this I just need someone to get an idea as to what this drug did to my child,how many other's will there be? He was a great little kid so loving,kind,caring just the best! He has been off of it about a year now. The sparkle is finally coming back into his eyes he smiles again hes not walking around high as a kite anymore,But the anger he sometimes has he just flips out, for no reason,it had made him gain so much weight,and he wasnt growing like a normal boy,I dont know if this comment is against the rules if it is accept my apoligies but he wasnt able to get an erection,then finally when he did there was no feeling behind it. Will he ever be able to have babies? Does he have a liver problem?because about two months after being off of it he lost all that weight that seemed to be water, When we go food shopping if theres too many people there he wants to leave he almost has like theses panic attacks. He can be so nice one minute then the next he's flipping out and he doesnt understand why,I wish I could tell him. Well there are just so many other things I could write I just want my Billy back and the guilt I feel for allowing these docters to medicate my son with a drug they knew nothing about it's truely overwhelming! I think about it everyday.Thank you so much for listening I really hope someone has some answers. And to all the parents who's docters tell them your child should be on drugs,do everything humenly possiable to stop them.He didnt need drugs he needed to be forgiven for the death he as a 7yr old little boy thought was his fault.Again ThankYou to anyone with any kind of answers for me.One more important factor caused by this drug is now he has hand writing like a docter sometimes he doesnt even know what he wrote. He was homeschooled for the rest of the 1997 school year,but when he did go back to school he was put in special ed,and could no longer perform the simplest tasks that he had mastered at age three. Okay that's really it this time bye!I'm very sorry for the misspelled words but my spell checker isnt working I felt this to be important enough no matter how I spelled it.

    Danielle Scheller-Hand

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    Dannyell 123:

    See - click on "Prozac" link in left column. In children, Prozac also works much like a lobotomy, stifling all creative behavior. If you can find an anti-psychiatry attorney in your geographic area, I suggest contacting him/her. Your story is another tragic illustration of the medicalization of our culture through the therapeutic state and the human rights violations associated with so-called "medical care." Good luck!

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