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Concerns about long-term health
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    Default Concerns about long-term health

    Hi there; hope this is in the right forum. For the last year and a half I've been dealing with chronic pain. It's about as much fun as it sounds. I've pretty much been left by my doctors to manage my own painkiller intake and I typically take; 2x 200mg ibuprofen, 2x 500mg paracetamol, and 1x 50mg tramadol; every 4-5 hours (3-5 times a day depending on how long I'm awake). In case it's important I'm not very big, 154cm and 45~ kg. But obviously I have a pretty high tolerance to drugs through necessity nowadays. This cocktail has been my regular daily intake for a year or more now.

    Talking to my new doctor today, she seemed very concerned about the ibuprofen and paracetamol, basically told me I needed to cut it by half. I've been told by previous doctors that this was a bit much but they never seemed that concerned about it. Were they under-reacting, or is this new doc over-reacting? I'm probably going to cut the intake like she said, but it's been over a year of this every day already. Basically; how worried should I be about my liver/kidneys in the future? Thanks.

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    I also have chronic pain due to multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and chronic headaches. Tramadol did not work that well for me and because of a new MS treatment cannot take. Ibuprofen worked fairly well but took 600 mg. From what I understand, ibuprofen can cause kidney problems but it also has to be taken for many years before that will happen. Don't know anything about paracetamol. As far as different doctors, I have found that you will always get differing opinions. Because of this new medication I'm on that is causing very debilitating side effects, I have started to research more on the web and asked questions on forums which have taught me things I never knew. Good luck to you and God bless.

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