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Curiosity about my current medication regime
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    Default Curiosity about my current medication regime

    Hi, I'm new to posting on this site, but have used it for quite some time for informational purposes when I get prescribed a new medication by my doctor. I am a 24 female currently in pain management for a congenital foot and ankle defect on my left leg that has finally begun to cause a lot of pain within the past year and re-constructive surgery has been recommended by my podiatrist and surgeon. I am on many different medications and was wondering if this was a lot and if there were interactions that I should be cautious with and any other comments or advice one may be able to provide me.

    My current drug regime consists of:

    Hydrocodone 10/325 qid (4 times a day)
    Oxycodone 7.5/500 bid (2 times a day)
    Neurontin (Gabapentin) 600 mg tid (3 times a day)
    Soma (Carisoprodol) 350 mg bid (2 times a day)
    Ibuprofen 600 mg tid (3 times a day)
    Klonopin (Clonazepam) 1 mg at night (not pain related, for anxiety) from PCP

    I'm pretty young and have been taking the Hydrocodone for about a year now for the foot/ankle pain at that dose as prescribed by my surgeon, but since finally getting into pain management all this other stuff has been added on in the past month or two.

    My schedule consists of 1 Hydrocodone in the morning at about 10AM when I wake up, with the 600 mg Neurontin, with the Ibuprofen. Then I will take another hydrocodone with a soma and Ibuprofen about 4 hours later at 2PM. I will take another Neurontin at about 4PM, then at 6PM I will take a hydrocodone, an oxycodone and Ibuprofen. At 10PM, I will typically take 1 hydrocodone, 1 oxycodone, 1 soma, 1 Neurontin, then at 12AM or right before bed, take the Klonopin. I have not yet started this full regime as the oxycodone and the soma have just been added to my mix in the past couple of days.

    What should I expect taking all of these medications together pretty much and is this combination of medications common when dealing with bone, nerve and muscle spasm pain? Sorry for the rant, no one ever really explains how these meds work, they just give them to me. lol Thank you to anyone who bothers to read this mess.

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    um ,in my opinion, you are on way to much meds that may interact with each other, soma, klonopin and narcotics??? Please be very careful taking those meds together. You may also want check with some pharmacies to see if that is an okay combo. If it is i imagine you would suffer from alot of drowsiness and possibly disorientation and confusion. but i am not a doc, just going on my own experiences.

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    I would not recommend you take the hydrocodone and the oxycodone at the same time. Pick one or the other. You could take the hydrocodone for milder pain and the oxycodone for more severe pain. Also I would not take the Soma and the Klonopin at the same time. You might try the Soma during the day and take the klonopin before bedtime to help you sleep. ALL of these drugs can cause sedation. If you take too much at the same time you could stop breathing. Be sure your Pain mangement Dr knows EVERYTHING you are taking. I would ask him to tell you when and how to take the drugs and whether you should take them at the same time. Have him make a schedule up for you. Hope this helps a bit!

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    My pain mng doctor had me on all the same meds, It took about two years and I was a mess and then it took me another year to taper off all of them.
    I guess he had me on oxycontin to, but still way to many meds it would be hard for you to even function.

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    Default darkanqei my experience

    Hello & just am speaking about "MYSELF" & how I reacted to the cock tails some so called doctors write. At one point in my 12 yr ordeal I was on most of all you are taking but doses much much higher & several more - I was filling 12 different meds at 1 time per month.
    I ended up OD'ing because the combo I was on shut my bladder down since 1 of them was Elevil (used in the elderly to slow their p'ing) & all of the toxins had no where to be released & if it wasn't for my loving wife I would have not made it. I died several times over a period of days & they (surgeons @ ER) said the doctor should be locked up for writing all that stuff for me & they had to drain my bladder that was much over 2 liters of fluid & most was toxic.
    So I guess the only thing I can add is be very careful & don't ALWAYS just "trust" that a doctor knows what he/she is doing all the time. Do your research & stick to as few medications as you possibly can. I will NEVER be put on another "Cock Tail" or list of meds again. Some have great results I GUESS?? from nuronton - NOT ME!!! It caused me all kinds of problems so like I said I can only speak for myself.
    Just be careful please

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