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Dangers of Oxycodone?
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    Default Dangers of Oxycodone?

    I recently tried a narcotic painkiller called Oxycodone 5mg. My roommate had some left over from his broken leg and I was feeling sick one week so I gave it a shot to feel better. I must admit that it was amazing, since then I have taken 1 5mg tablet a week once a week for a month now for a total of 4 pills. I have done a lot of research on the drug and the only negative side to it that I find is that its habit forming and that its tough on the liver.

    I control my drinking and smoking and do everything in moderation so if I am controlling intake to one tablet a week and am not going down the road of abuse what other side effects long term are there for this drug?

    Simply put I cannot find any other dangers of it other then its habit forming. If i control that.... is it going to hurt my liver any more then a weekend of heavy drinking will?

    **I never drink and take this pill at the same time.**

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    No, not really, but it's like all drugs, occasional use turns to frequent use, painkillers feel too good, it's so easy to fall into that trap.
    There is nothing worse then going through withdrawals, Oxy W/D's can be as bad as >>>>>>, you do not want to ever go there.
    There's no good reason to take something to make you feel better if you have nothing wrong with you, remember it is illegal.

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