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Decadron Injection For Gout & Knee Damage Pain Relief?
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    Default Decadron Injection For Gout & Knee Damage Pain Relief?

    I had a Decadron 10mg.- 2.5cc Im yesterday for gout in my right foot, which had lingered with great pain for 2 weeks. I have had the same injections a couple times prior to 2004 with perfect success.

    Within 12-16 hours all pain is gone. It has also worked perfect in the previous injections. My sore beet red foot is now white with no inflammation.

    My question:

    My same right knee is bone on bone with a bad Meniscus and in pain daily. Till I received the Decadron Im yesterday.

    Has anyone heard of Deca injections for knee pain? This is wonderful and hope it lasts a bit.

    How long could my dose last with knee pain relief? 1 week- 2 months- a year?

    How often may this steroid, at this dose be injected with pain relief benefits?

    You answers are much appreciated

    Regards Rich

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    Rich .... after five knee operations from sports injuries playing racquetball competitively for 25 years I've had a minimum of 75-100 shots in my knees. Done all kinds of steroids, cortizone, synvisc, hyalgen, the list goes on. But haven't done this one you're talking about. Let me know how long it works. If it goes well for you I might be interested in checking into it myself. Please stay in touch and keep me posted. I'll be cheering for you. I would love to find an injection that actually works longer than a few days that made it worth messing with. Good luck and God bless.

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