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Dehydration's affect on UA test's.
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    Default Dehydration's affect on UA test's.

    I am trying to find the right place to ask this question sorry, but please let me know what you think.
    I have a friend who gets drug tested, these tests are sent to a LAB.
    He has slipped up a few times but never tested positive.
    For example took 10 mg of percocet on monday, drank plenty of water, tested negative wednsday.
    He flushed because he knew the general rule is 48-72 hours from opiates to get out of urine.
    This time he took 160mg of OP oxycontin on early sunday morning, went thursday for a urine test and assumed since it had been 100 hours 4+ days since consumption he would be fine, what he didn't think about was that he was severely dehydrated this day, and took a pretty big dose. The urine he gave was dark yellow, what do you think his chances are of failing? For the record he is very skinny, but this is the first time he didnt flush, not to mention was dehydrated. I was always under the impression 96 hrs was max for oxy, but I suppose these could be special circumstances, please give opinion as long as you are somewhat educated on this subject. thanks

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    Has your "friend" thought about stopping using? Then he would never have to worry about failing a drug test ever again.....not to mention how much better his overall quality of life will be. Just a thought.


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