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Depression cure
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    Default Depression cure

    Do take deep breath in fresh air,
    Share your problems with your family,
    Avoid alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants...

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    There can be any reason for depression.make effective actions to treat depression problem.spend a time with your family and friends,share your problem with your can treat diabetes with effective medicine.i recommend you a anti depressant medicine that control depression problem.
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    As we all know that we should always try to avoid medicines if alternate available over there. In case of depression we can do lots of things which can help us. first we should know the reason why depression comes in our life. There is lot's of thing's like Conflicts, Genetics, Serious illnesses, Substance abuse, Death or a loss and many more. So if know the reasone well then we can also handle it easily.
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    Without worst cause, we should not take medicine. Depression is a most common into our life, some regular exercise is very helpful to control depression.

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    You must have depression that is very different from mine. Nothing helped - 22 years of psychotherapy (which did help me a lot as a person though) no herbals, supplements, homeopathics, exercise, accupuncture, some 28 different medications in 28 years, - nothing. By the grace of God, every once in awhile the depression would lift for a time. Now I get TMS - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and it helps! It's using MRI technology aimed at the partof the brain that needs stimulation. Amazing!
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    I discovered after battling depression for years that making myself get up and get out and walking and getting lots of sunshine As well as eating better (cutting back on my carb intake eating more white meats and veggies and fruits) really helped me a lot.
    Also I have had times where something small as treating myself to a day out maybe shopping or having hair and nails done or a massage are just a few thing that work for me
    That said I do believe that there are MANY different types and causes for depression so what may be a "cure" or help for one may not be the same for another.
    I believe that one should not count out medications but I also do not think you should jump on to them to quickly.
    Try natural things first. Just about all of the B Vitamins are helpful, Vitamin D, St Johns Wort (if you are on any other medications check to make sure this is safe for you to take) Fish Oil
    Quitting caffeine and smoking ( when I quit both of these it helped me Greatly at one point )

    Also make sure to have a total physical Many times different health issues can cause depression. So be aware of what health issues you may be dealing with. Also make sure there is a total blood work up done because there may be something there that can be causing it. Sometimes in this case it can be as simple as adjusting diet or taking a vitamin etc.

    You could also be on a medication that may be causing it so make sure to read up on any medications and discuss it with your doctor if it started shortly after a medication started. It may require something like lowering a dose or switching a medicine.

    Also do not forget it can be a issue women deal with when pre menstrual as well as pre menopausal.
    Changes in sleeping patterns can cause it.
    Having a baby
    Change or loss of job
    Losing a loved one or pet
    A break up
    So many things can bring on depression and it can late longer for some then others and it is Important to seek someone to talk to sometimes to get through it. Keeping a journal or in some cases when losing a loved one saying good bye in your own way. When my pet passed it tore me up for 3 years. I found making a memorial website and speaking to a therapist was helpful.
    Again different methods of dealing with different types so taking all these things into consideration is important.

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    To prevent from depression,you should focus on your regular routine and your diet a healthy diet with less carbohydrates and callories.and do a meditation also.take a long breath,spend a time with your friends.

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    Mingle yourselves with friends and family members. Yoga and Meditation also helps to cure depression.

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