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Difference between Ritalin Brands?
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    Default Difference between Ritalin Brands?

    I'm currently on Methylphenidate 20mg x 3 per day. I usually fill at wallgreens that provide tablets made by the manufacturer Danbury. They are peach colored. I decided to fill at Rite Aid this month to see if there was a difference in their generic brands. Rite Aid uses a manufacturer called Mallinckrodt (Methylin) and are white, round tablets that have an M on them. It seems like the Mallinckrodt ones are less potent and don't give me the same amount of concentration as the Danbury ones do. Can anyone tell me if what brand of ritalin they use and if they've seen a difference amongst other manufacturers? I wanna know who the best one is amongst those that exist. Thanks,

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    Default difference b/w ritalin brands

    I had the same thing happen to me. I started w/ Walgreen's generic and went to a different pharmacy and got methylin. I thought I was going crazy and the only medication for ADD that had ever helped me had stopped working! I have no idea what the best generic is, but I've seen lots of ADD message boards where lots of other people had the same experience. I gues when I can get a refill I will either ask my normal pharmacy to order the methylphinate and if they can't I'll just get that script at Walgreen's. I hate that I've had to go through 2 weeks on meds that don't work at all and I have another one or 2 until I can get the refill, but at least I know the problem now.....

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