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difference between Vicoprofen and Hydrocodone
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    Default difference between Vicoprofen and Hydrocodone

    I've had an ongoing debate about the differnce between Hydrocodone (Vicodin, Lortab, etc...) and codeine (spelling?)...some say codeine is stronger, so say hydrocodone is I am presribed to Vicoprofen (Hydroc BIT/IBU 7.5/200MG)...besides having IBprofen instend of tynelol (like lortab, vicodin do) wouldn't a vicoprofen be the same as a Lortab ES or Vicodin ES?

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    yes, the amount of narcotic (hydrocodone) is the same when comparing vicoprofen and vicodin es.
    the only difference is, like you stated, the ibuprofen which has an anti-inflammatory affect

    hydrocodone is considered a more "potent" analgesic. the by mouth equivalent of 30mg of hydrocodone is 200mg codeine. thats not to say that hydrocodone works better, just that you have to give less. but in a way it is better because the less you have to give, the less side effects...

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