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Do Prescriptions w/ Refills Start on Day 0 or Day 1
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    Unhappy Do Prescriptions w/ Refills Start on Day 0 or Day 1

    I have been on narcotic pain killers for over 10 years now due to Cancer and having a portion of my spine removed. The backpain is very severe but with medication I am pretty high functioning! I have been dealing with the pharmacy that is close to my house for a long time and never had any problems, my scripts are for 30 days with a refill at 15 days and they have always given it to me on the 15th day. However when I was at the doc last time on June 17th I used the pharmacy attached to his office out of convenience (wishing I hadnt as it has become extremely inconvenient now) so today is July 1 which is also Canada Day here in Canada, I called their pharmacy last week to ensure they would be open today and I would be able to get my refill and they told me that they would be open and I could pick it up however today when I tried to pick it up they are telling me that they cant release it til tomorrow July 2 which is Day 16!!!!!! He is trying to tell me that the scripts start on Day 0 not Day 1 and that even though I picked up the script on June 17th that day 1 was actually on June 18th!!!! I have never heard of this before in my life and I have picked up alot of refills in my day, this is not my first day at the parade so to speak! So now when I wake up at 6am in the morning I wont have any meds and will have to get myself to a pharmacy that is 40 mins away from my house when they open at 9am to get my refill tomorrow! I am so frustrated and feel so helpless, I have tried with my local MPP but they were not much help they called the pharmacy and then called me back saying the same thing the pharmacist already said. Its not like I am trying to get my script early, I am just trying to get it on the day that it is due and yet this happens???? I even called the pharmacy that I normally dealed with and asked them how this works and they said that if I had picked up my script from them on June 17 then I would be able to pick up my refill on July 1 end of story. Was curious if anyone else has ever run into this problem and if so, if there was anything, if anything, that they did about it???? thanks so much for letting me vent

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    Many pharmacies do this count the first day as day 0. I have no idea why they do this, and it is very frustrating. I do not know if this will continue for you. NO, there is nothing you can do about this. This is how it is now. Go back to your old pharmacy. They won't transfer and go against what another pharmacy decrees. I am sorry you have to wait the extra day.



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    Oh Please! ALL the pharmacies in my area (Essex county NJ) dispense drugs like they were doing it illegally they will NOT give you a single pill before 30 days are up and even then I still get dirty looks because I have perscriptions for some meds that are considered street drugs I guess like Xanax suboxone Adderall etc. Every month I have a panic attack just thinking of tackling the pharmacies

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