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Is this "Dr shopping" ?
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    Default Is this "Dr shopping" ?

    Will try to make a long story short, which may be near impossible

    My husband has chronic pain, too much detail to get into, but his body is basicallly falling apart after 35 yrs. as an electrician which is a pretty physical job.

    His primary care Dr prescribed him oxycodone to try, and it worked perfectly. He was taking about 3- 10/350's a day, sometimes 4 depending on the work in front of him, and not every day. He's a big guy and tolerated it really well.

    After about a year his PCP referred him to a pain clinic for continuing treatment and his cortisone shots and med refills, etc. This new pain Dr. refuses to prescribe him oxycodone and instead jumped him up about 3 steps and put him on the fentynal patch, 100/mcgs without even CONSIDERING the oxycodone.

    My dh and I are really uncomfortable with this patch. We feel like it is way too addictive and is more pain management than he needs. When he asked his pain mgmt. Dr at his 3rd appt. if he could please take what his primary care Dr had started him on (the oxycodone) the pain mgmt. Dr just flatly refused for the reason that "I would rather you not have to worry about taking pills all day long. The patch is easier."

    (or in other words, call me paranoid, but he thinks my husband will abuse the oxycodones by taking more than is prescribed every day?)

    Am I being crazy, or isn;t the goal of a pain mgt Dr to treat the patient at the lowest dose of a medication that is effective?

    So now my question. My husband wants to go back down to the oxycodone and wants off this patch, it is too strong and too addicitve. The Dr he is working with refuses and insists he stay on the fentynal. My husband needs to do what is in his best interests and being on that patch is overkill and is not right for him. Is it Dr shopping to stop working with this dr. and go to another pain management clinic to try to get the "lower" pain medication? And would he be viewed as "drug seeking" by going to another Dr (or Dr's?) to try to do the responsible thing health-wise?

    So sorry for the long post, but I need opinions here... sure, many people love oxycodone and it certainly can be abused also, even more than the Fentynal maybe... but when compared to the Fentynal, the oxycodone sure seems lightweight. I wonder if other pain mgt Dr's would feel the same or would they assume his was drug seeking by wanting off the Fentynal and back on something less dangerous that works for him?

    Thank you all, any words of wisdom or insight you could offer would be most appreciated.
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    Ooops, correction: he was given the 50mcg, not the 100mcg. of Fentynal. It is working, mostly but not always,

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    Quote Originally Posted by lindalu1 View Post
    Ooops, correction: he was given the 50mcg, not the 100mcg. of Fentynal. It is working, mostly but not always,
    Although this OP is long gone, I'd like to respond.

    The fentanyl patch is far safer and actually a lower daily dose of opioid than his oral oxycodone. His oral oxy dose was over 150 morphine equivalents per day. The 50 mcg patch is 120 morphine equivelents per day.

    The pain specialist has seen this scenario countless times and made a good call. The slower but steady onset opioid in a patch makes abuse (if the patch is used correctly) less likely than frequently abused oral medications, which even by the OPs recounting of the story, tend to creep up ("some days it's 4 "etc).

    And yes, if you signed a pain contract with that specialist, it is indeed "shopping" to go looking for an alternative dosing regimen.
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