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Drug screen
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    Default Drug screen

    I go to my family dr who gives me oxycodone 15mg. I have been going there for 7-8 months and he has never did a p test. Well last month i had to take one and i havent taken any of my pain pills for about 12 days due to taking a few extra here and there and lost the little pill bottle i carry all the time with like 12-13 pills in it. I seen other places on here were oxycodone dosent show up on most panels. Since it is a dr office that sends u to a lab that they use panels that do test for opiates. Also if i show up clean whats the chances of me loosing my meds. P.s the reason i carry a couple days worth with me is because i keep the rest locked up.

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    If you show up on the test clean he will likely think that you're selling the pills. Even people who run out early and are dependent on the pills find some way to get more. Coming up totallly clean on a UA can be as big of a red flag as having too many drugs in the test especially after close to a year of using oxy.

    I would prepare to face the dr's questions. Not saying he'll call the police, but he is going to question giving you more. If you put yourself in his place you would be skeptical too. He is prescribing a schedule II narcotic that is closely monitored by the DEA. He could be putting himself at risk over this giving you more oxy. No legitimate dr is going to risk their practice over a UA like you describe.
    I am not a dr. My statements are based on years of experience and related education. Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.

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