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Drug Testing Percocet and Opiates
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    Default Drug Testing Percocet and Opiates

    My brother is a recovering addict. We just had a potential drug incident at work (family business) and he is implicated.

    It could be a relapse or it could be malicious back stabbing. We are trying to sort things out before applying blame.

    He is accused to lapsing. He claims not to have lapse but does admit to taking a percocet.

    if we give him an opiate test WILL the percocet result in a positive?

    I have tried to find out but found no positive information and lots of conflicting information.

    it APPEARS that it will not show up as an opiate so if we give a 5 panel test and all he took was a percocet he should come up "clean"

    this seems to be confirmed as the 12 panel test includes oxy's for percocet.

    IS this correct? can we tell the difference with a home test between opaites and percocet?

    if he is clean for opiates then he is telling the truth and is innocent but if the percocet tests positive on the opiate test we are back to square one with no solid answer yes or no.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm not very clear about different types of drug tests, but percocet is oxycodone, oxycodone is what is in oxycontin (which is just a timed release form of it)

    Percocet/Oxycodone/oxycontin are opiates, very powerful opiates at that. so I don't see why they would NOT show up. How long ago did he take it? How many mg's was it?
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