Hi, I've been on effexor for a little over four months. Over a month ago, I noticed a huge increase in anxiety and started suffering from panic attacks for the first time. They were mind altering and scary, but i started running, eating well, taking care of my deficiencies (ferritin is 5, low vitamin d, and close hypothyroidism), therapy, meditation, etc. However, I continue to hsve this anxiety, and started taking trazadone to sleep, which I'm coming off of now. I feel nuts.. I feel disoriented and mind racing.. I want to quit effexor, because it feels like this drug is altering my mind. I'm taking 37.5 mg and don't know how to come down, since my doctor won't listen and says I can quit like nothing, which is not smart. Please help. I'm in need of support. This is consuming me.